Have you ever come across ‘Shadow People’?

There is a phenomenon that is getting more and more attention in paranormal circles: that of determining the origin of Shadow People.

Shadow People are figures that many people claim to have seen. Typically, when peopleĀ  see them, it’s from the corner of the eye. You might notice a shadow to your right, but when you turn to look at it there’s nothing there. Then, moments later, you might see it again, this time on your left. You know you’ve seen something, yet, again, when you give it your full attention, it just isn’t there.

The number of reports of Shadow People sightings seems to be rising. Or perhaps it’s just that people have more forums to discuss these sightings, such as the Internet. There are many theories about what Shadow People actually are. Some believe them to be ghosts or spirits that have not crossed over to the other side. For some reason, these spirits have remained behind and people are catching glimpses of them.

Another theory that’s very interesting is that Shadow People are people who are having out of body experiences. According to this theory, there are many people traveling to other dimensions using astral travel (which there are), and when people see Shadow People, they are catching a glimpse of the astral travelers.

Some people believe Shadow People are those from either another dimension or another planet. They believe that these other-worldly beings are watching us. Perhaps they are interested in our evolution, or maybe they are simply exploring another world the way that we would explore another planet if we landed upon one. Others have suggested that they might be time travelers from either our past or our future.

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There are some that believe Shadow People are demons. They naturally believe that Shadow People are here to do us harm.

One thing that seems to be clear is that many people who see Shadow People don’t feel good about the encounter. Many people report feeling a lot of fear and uneasiness around them. While that could be simply a fear of the unknown, it is a good practice to pay attention to how you feel when you are in someone or something’s presence. Intuition is strong and with so many people reporting negative feelings after encounters with Shadow People it does leave room for pause.

With the growing interest in Shadow People, we are likely to learn more about them in the future. If you do encounter one, be sure to set an intention that you remain protected through the experience.

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