Have you shut down your psychic ability?

If you’ve been finding yourself interested in information about psychic ability, it could be because you’ve unconsciously shut your psychic ability down. When you suppress an aspect of yourself, it naturally will try to make itself heard. If you have suppressed your psychic ability, the following things may happen:

You may notice things of a psychic nature.

You may have intuitive dreams.

You may be drawn to people with psychic abilities.

You may hear metaphysical information and connect with it in a primal way.

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You may feel the urge to read materials about psychic and supernatural things.

You may experience a lot of coincidences.

You may know things that you have no way of knowing.

You may meet others that also have an interest in psychic and metaphysical knowledge.

Why people suppress psychic ability

If you have been suppressing your psychic ability, you’re not alone. Society often tells us to depend on what can be proven, and to depend on logic for our answers. Intuition and psychic ability both go against logic. They rely on information that does not come from the five senses.

Children are extremely psychic, yet well-meaning adults often tell children that their imaginary friends don’t exist (despite the fact that very often, imaginary friends are beings from the Spirit world that children are able to sense). If a child is told that what he sees is not real, then eventually that child convinces himself to stop seeing it because it’s not acceptable to see beings from other worlds and dimensions in our society.

Another reason many people shut down their psychic ability is because they are afraid of the knowledge. Some people pick up on tragedies or deaths before they happen. That can be a traumatic experience; after all, it’s fun to get intuitive information about something good such as a new love, but who wants to get information about something bad? If you picked up on something unpleasant, you could have reacted to that experience by shutting your psychic ability down so you don’t pick up on anything else that you don’t want to know.

Some people suppress their psychic ability by failing to follow their instincts. The more you follow your intuition, the stronger it gets. The less you follow it, the weaker it gets. If you have a habit of giving your power to others outside of yourself — and relying on the answers of others rather than your own answers — your inherent psychic ability could fade until you decide to take your power back again.

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