Hearing Voices? Researchers Study Psychics to see How They Cope

hearing voicesPsychic ability shows up in so many ways. Some people have visions. Some people sense the emotions and moods of others. And some hear voices. If hearing voices is something you can relate to, you may be clairaudient.

But in our society, it’s not always smart to tell someone that you hear voices. There’s a good chance the person you tell may look at you strangely and some may even suggest that you are mentally ill. While hearing voices can be a sign of mental illness, psychics will tell you that it doesn’t always mean disease. Now researchers are agreeing with that notion.

Researchers recently looked at how people who were mentally ill coped with hearing voices and compared that with how psychics coped with hearing voices. The findings were pretty interesting.

While those who were mentally ill said their lives suffered because of the voices, psychics were more likely to report that their lives were helped by the voices.Those who were mentally ill were more likely to say that the voices told them to do something that might be harmful to them. Those who were psychics said the voices were more likely to keep them safe.

Psychics were also more likely to believe that the voices belonged to God or some other spirit or source of light and goodness whereas those who were mentally ill were more likely to believe the voices belonged to a dark force.

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There was also a difference in the reaction of loved ones to the voices. Those who were mentally ill were more likely to report that their family and friends were not supportive of the fact that they heard voices. On the other hand, psychics were more likely to say that their friends and family were more accepting of the fact that they heard voices.

So what can you learn from this? Those who were psychic benefited from having a community around them them that accepted their abilities and let them know that they weren’t strange. Finding a community of people who accept you and your psychic abilities can be critical to your well-being. If you feel uncomfortable about hearing voices, you may want to seek a mental health professional but if you feel good about the voices and they are helping you rather than hurting you, your psychic abilities may be expanding.

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