Hollywood Teen Medium coming to E!

If you caught the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that featured the Kardashian sisters meeting with medium Tyler Henry, you may have noticed a commercial mid-way through advertising the premier of a new show starring Tyler that will start in January.

Hollywood Teen Medium will follow Tyler’s exploits as he juggles a normal life as a teenager with being a psychic medium. And mind you, he’s not just any medium. He’s a medium to the stars. Since he has a large celebrity clientele, chances are the reality show will give TV viewers a peek inside some of his celebrity readings.

Hollywood Teen Medium is the latest show that will show the everyday life of a psychic medium. Long Island Medium is another example of a show that sheds light on what it’s like to be on the receivng end of a psychic message and what it’s like to give one.

Apparently the E! network ordered eight episodes of the show. And since Tyler made his television debut with the Kardashians, it looks like he’ll be starting off with a ready-made audience.

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