How to avoid doing Black Magic

If you’ve spent any time studying magic, the question may arise about how Black Magic fits into the equation.

Magic is a method of invoking spiritual laws to create a certain outcome. While some people are afraid of magic because they don’t understand it, the truth is that magic can be used for the good of all when it is focused on achieving a positive outcome. However, if one’s intention is to do harm to someone else or to control someone, that’s where Black Magic tends to rear its ugly head.

Black Magic is basically using spiritual laws in an attempt to do harm to someone or to control a situation. For example, one might use Black Magic to hurt a rival. When you think of Voodoo dolls and the practice of hurting someone by sticking needles in a Voodoo doll made in their image, that is a good example of Black Magic.

How to avoid doing Black Magic

If you’ve begun to experiment with magic, you may be concerned that you might unintentionally experiment with Black Magic. If you don’t intend to do harm, and if your intentions are honorable, chances are that won’t happen. However, there are some things that you can do to make sure you are in the right frame of mind if you do start working with spells.

Get into a meditative space. Before working with magic, always have a goal in mind. Think about what you hope to achieve and how everyone involved will be better off once you reach your goal. If you realize that someone will not be better off, this is a magic ritual that you should probably avoid. Also, if you are engaging in magic as a way of reacting to an emotional situation, wait until you have calmed down and can approach your magical work with a clear head.

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Purify yourself.¬†There are a number of things you can do to purify yourself ¬†before performing magic. A bath can cleanse your body and help to clear your mind. You might have special clothing or special jewelry that is symbolic to you. Use it when you perform magic in order to remind yourself that you’re engaging in a sacred act.

Cleanse your space. Give yourself privacy so you can make sure you won’t be disturbed. Burn incense, or sprinkle the area with holy water or salt water to purify it. Also, create a special place or an alter that has the sole purpose of being used for your magical work. When you spend time in this area, it will take on a higher energy because of that intention.

Request help from your Spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guides will not work with you to do something harmful to others. Always ask for help from angels and Spirit Guides when you begin to work with magic. They will provide inspiration on how you should best approach your task, in the best way for all involved. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.