How to be a medium: 3 ways to strengthen your abilities

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, it’s natural to ask ‘are mediums real’ and to want to make contact with those who are on the other side. Not only are mediums real, but you could very well have the abilities to contact those on the other side yourself. If you’re wondering how to be a medium, you may already be in touch with those on the other side. Have you ever dreamed about someone who has passed away and felt as if you were communicating with that person? Have you ever smelled a fragrance or aroma that is reminiscent of someone who has passed over to the other side? I know someone whose deceased mother was a smoker. This woman didn’t smoke, herself, and she began to notice rather frequently the aroma of cigarette smoke wafting around her in her home. It took her a while to believe what was right before her eyes. Her mother was reaching out to her and trying to make her presence known from the other side.

Other ways that spirits could be contacting you from the other side include strange sounds, as well as animal messages. My father communicates with me from the other side through dragonflies. Not only do I notice them, but friends have an uncanny way of telling me of their dragonfly sightings even when they don’t know my connection to the insect.

If you want to strengthen your abilities as a medium, there are a number of things you can do.

Meditate or be still in some way. Many people get caught up in the feeling that they must spend hours a day meditating, and that’s just not true. You’d be surprised at what just 10 minutes could do for you. By quieting your mind for just 10 minutes a day, you begin to become better able to hear or feel or sense the presence of spirits that may be trying to contact you. Meditation heightens all of your psychic senses, so you’ll also see your intuition improve. Not to mention what meditation does to your health and wellness. Once you tackle 10 minutes, add a little more time and see what happens. You can also use meditation CDs and other tools to help you get into a meditative state.

Notice what you sense. There is often a physical component to spirit visitations. Just like the person who recognizes her mother’s presence through the smell of cigarette smoke, you may find that certain odors, sounds or feelings occur that signal that a spirit is nearby. Pay attention to what you’re picking up using your five senses. As you do this, your sixth sense will also get stronger in the process.

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Ask for guidance. You have Spirit Guides that are willing to help you to do just about anything in the world. However, they won’t override your wishes. You must ask for their help. If you want to communicate with those on the other side, ask your Spirit Guides to help you. Or make a direct request to the person that you want to communicate with. Ask him or her silently in your mind to find a way to communicate with you. Then be still and patient and expect to get a sign. If you become frustrated, you may block the communication. It’s best to be in a state of receptivity. Believe and know in your heart that the communication will take place and go on about your business. It will occur when you least expect it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.