How to cleanse and charge your crystals

If you’ve begun to collect crystals for healing purposes, you may be wondering,  “How do you clean your crystals?”

There are a lot of different ways to cleanse crystals. Read on to learn about some of them, and choose one that resonates most with you. You might even use different methods at different times. I may intuitively sense that a crystal needs one type of cleansing one day, and another type on a different day.

First of all, in order to keep your crystals in pristine condition, you want to physically clean off any mud or debris that may be on them. This will aesthetically improve your crystals.

Then, your goal is to remove any negative energies that may be in your crystals, such as bad vibrations. These negative energies are often due to other people handling the crystals without care. Which brings us to another important point. Limit who handles your crystals — if you allow anyone to handle your crystals at all. Read more on that topic here: Should You Let Others Hold Your Crystals?

Crystals are very powerful and they can easily absorb the energy of others. You don’t want to pick up someone else’s energy via a crystal.

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So how do you clean your crystals?

Soak crystals in sea salt and water

Soaking them in salt water will help to remove any toxicities that your crystals have picked up. Put them in a plastic bowl and completely immerse them in the sea salt water to cleanse the crystals thoroughly. There is also a notable difference between sea salt and table salt, and you should always make sure that you use the former. Sea salt ensures that the vibrations you feel are much more subtle. When you want to use the crystals on intense chakras such as your third eye, having subtle vibrations is especially important. Note: Some crystals such as Selenite can dissolve in water, so you don’t want to submerge them.

Personally, I prefer to use sea salt without water to cleanse my crystals. I pour sea salt into a bowl, and then I bury the crystals in the bowl of sea salt and leave them for a couple of hours. When I intuitively feel that my crystals are clean, I take them out of the bowl and brush off the sea salt.

Sit crystals under the Full Moon

The Full Moon is a powerful time for magical work and also a time to release  or get rid of things that no longer serve you. So when you want to release the negative or unwanted energies from your crystals, sitting them under the light of theFull Moon is a good idea.

Simply place the crystals in a location where the rays of the moon can pour down on them. I personally prefer leaving my crystals where they can absorb the light of the Full Moon  overnight..

Smudge your crystals with sage or use incense

However if you are using either of these methods,  be careful with how you fan the smoke from smudging or from the incense, so that you don’t bring negative energies to yourself.

Charging crystals means setting an intention for the crystal. If you buy a crystal for protection, for example, you might hold it in your hand and charge it — or set the intention that the crystal provide protection from negative energies. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.