How to Connect with a Spirit Guide for 2022

spirit guide for 2022

If you’re trying to come up with a way to better your life through New Year’s intentions or resolutions, there’s a surefire way that you can gain clarity and support throughout the year: forge and strengthen a relationship with one of your Spirit Guides. However, not just any Spirit Guide. A Spirit Guide for 2022. One that is best suited to help you with the challenges you will face this year.

From my experience, we have multiple guides; I’ve worked with different ones at various junctures of my life. Some were around for a lengthy period, while others were around for only a matter of weeks. When our work together was done, the Guide would simply fade away and I would not experience their presence again.

One Spirit Guide worked with me when I was healing from an emotional trauma I experienced during childhood. Another one worked with me to help me build confidence in an area related to my purpose. Yet another Spirit Guide has helped me with creative writing projects. I also have a main Spirit Guide who has served as somewhat of a companion and is always around if I need her.

Sometimes our Spirit Guides will reach out to us. However, we don’t have to wait for our Spirit Guides to contact us. Rather, we can choose to proactively call our Spirit Guides to us, to help us make the right decisions and overcome the challenges in our lives.

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How to know which Spirit Guide is needed for 2022

At the start of any new year, take some time to think about where you are on your life’s journey. What are your biggest concerns? What do you want most to achieve in 2022? Those are the areas of life that you can use the help of a Spirit Guide.

If you are experiencing a health crisis, you may want a Spirit Guide that is a master healer. If you are having relationship troubles, consider calling on a Spirit Guide that specializes in matters of the heart.

If you’re not sure what area of your life you need help with, sit in meditation and see what comes to you. Or turn to a set of Oracle cards such as this Angel Inspiration Deck, which lets you select a card to receive the message your Guides want you to have.

Once you know what area of your life you want help with, ask God/the Universe or whatever you call the Source of all life to send you a Spirit Guide that can work with you. You can also simply ask the Universe to send the Spirit Guide that is best for you at this time without having a particular area of your life in mind.

Opening up a dialog with a Spirit Guide

Once you set the intention to attract and work with a Spirit Guide for 2022, trust that the heavy-lifting has already been done. Your intention will set things in motion. Your job is simply to be open to all of the ways that your Spirit Guide may try to contact you. Among those ways are:

  • Visions
  • Intuitions
  • Words of wisdom from other people
  • Passages in books
  • Dialog from movies or TV shows

Meditating is always a good way to communicate with a Spirit Guide. Close your eyes and focus on your breath and clear your mind. Ask your Spirit Guide to make its presence felt. Once you feel that presence, ask questions just as you would do if you were getting to know someone on the physical plane. You might ask your Spirit Guide for his name or how she plans to help you. Here are some other questions you might want to ask. If you don’t receive any answers at first, simply try going into meditation again at a later time and repeat the process. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.