Dream explanations: How to interpret my dream

interpreting dreamsDreaming is one of the ways that your intuition communicates with you. While all dreams aren’t your intuition at work, many do have psychic insights for you if you’re aware enough to grasp them. Often, we don’t remember any of our dreams, let alone our spiritual dreams. Or we have no idea what our dreams meant, but there are steps you can take to increase the odds that your dreams can provide you with helpful and insightful messages. Once you are able to understand what your dreams are telling you, you can take action and use your psychic abilities to help you make better decisions in all aspects of your life from your love life to your financial situation to your career.

How to identify a psychic or spiritual dream

All dreams are not the same. Sometimes you dream about things that are going on in your life, and your dreams give you insight into how you really feel about those life events. For example, if you’re going through a romantic breakup, you may have a dream about your ex, or you may have dreams in which you’re experiencing great sadness. Most likely these are not psychic dreams. Instead, they are probably dreams that are designed to help your subconscious work through difficult emotions.

Other times you may have dreams that are simply inspired by something that happened that day. For example, a dream could be inspired by a book you’re reading, a television show you’re watching or even a conversation you’ve had with someone. You’ll typically be able to immediately identify this type of dream by remembering the event that it reminded you of. For example, if you fell asleep while watching Criminal Minds and then had a dream about a serial killer, chances are there’s no intuitive message for you there.

But sometimes you may have a dream that seems to stick out from ordinary dreams. Here are some of the signs that you may be having a psychic dream:

  • Often psychic dreams are more colorful and vivid.
  • The action in the dream may take place seemingly in slow motion.
  • You may feel a sense of clarity in the dream.
  • Many people report having psychic dreams in which they simply hear a voice telling them the answer to a question that they have been contemplating.
  • Psychic dreams are often recurring. If you don’t get the message the first time, it keeps repeating until you do.
  • Psychic dreams feel different. In fact, you may intuitively know that a dream is trying to tell you something. If that ever happens to you, believe it.
  • Psychic dreams may not even be about you. Many people report having psychic dreams about major tragedies that impact the world, such as plane crashes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Why you want to identify your psychic or spiritual dreams

The main reason you want to be able to identify your psychic dreams is so that you can act on them. Intuition is a gift that is meant to be nurtured, strengthened and used. If a psychic dream is about a world event that doesn’t concern you, there’s a benefit in recognizing that it’s a psychic dream just so that you can increase your own trust in your ability to receive psychic information.

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If you want to improve your ability to work with your dreams to access psychic information, you can try taking this dream interpretation course by Doreen Virtue. The course teaches you how to prepare your subconscious mind to pick up more  psychic insights and it teaches you how to understand the language of your particular dreams. Typically, our dreams include symbols which convey information to us. If we don’t understand what the symbols mean, we don’t understand our dreams. The course also teaches you about tools you can use such as crystals and herbs to increase your psychic ability when dreaming.

If you have  a lot of psychic dreams but are unsure exactly what they mean, this course can help you to interpret them.  While you may think a dream dictionary will help you do that, it’s important to understand that dream dictionaries provide general messages; in order to truly understand your specific dreams you need to be able to understand your subconscious mind’s own intuitive language. This course can help you to do that.

Learning to interpret your own dreams is a huge step you can take to get answers to all of your problems. If you’re wondering   what to do about a relationship, a family problem, a job or any other aspect of your life, your dreams probably already have the answer.

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