How to Psychically Tune into Someone Before You Meet

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One of the most helpful uses of psychic ability is to get a read on someone before you meet them. Learning to tune into psychic abilities before you meet someone can be helpful at work before you meet a potential client. It can also be helpful in your personal life when going on a blind date or simply interacting with a neighbor or the parent of a friend of your child’s.

Your psychic ability can not only give you an idea of whether you are going to click with this person, but it can also relay warnings if it’s a good idea for you to be wary of this person or even stay away. I once was supposed to go on a first date with someone I meet via online dating. I tuned in before the date and felt so repelled that I cancelled the date. This person then showed stalkish behavior, which showed me that my intuition had been right. Who knows how far their stalkish behavior would have gone if we had actually gone on the date!

While you can also get psychic feedback on a person once you meet them, sometimes it’s easier to get an intuitive hit before you encounter them because you can avoid being influenced by the impression the person makes.

For example, if you have the first date and the person is attractive you may be more influenced by your lust than by the warning signals your intuition is sending out. Likewise, if you meet someone who reminds you of a friend who you had a falling out with, will you be open to what your intuition tells you or will you have negative feelings about this person that stem from your broken friendship?

How to tune into psychic abilities

So how do you tune into someone before you meet them?

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I like to find a quiet place where I can be alone for a few minutes and won’t be disturbed. The bathroom will even work. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. If you work with a spirit guide regularly, you might ask that guide for help.

Ask the Universe/your spirit guide/God/whatever higher power you believe in to let you know any information before the meeting that would be in your best interest to know.

Then, be still and note your impressions. How does your body feel? Do you feel relaxed — or tense? Check in on your emotions. Do you feel excited about the meeting or are you feeling a sense of dread? Notice the thoughts that pop into your head, or any visions you experience.

All of these are signs that can inform you about the person you are getting ready to meet, and if you follow these signs, you can better prepare for the meeting. For example, say you are going on a job interview. You do this exercise and your sixth grade teacher comes to mind. In this case, think back to your sixth grade teacher. What was she like? Say your sixth grade teacher was always adamant that you come to class well prepared. This could be an intuitive message that you should do more prep work before the interview.

Tuning in also helps you build trust in your intuition

One of the best things about this exercise is that it gives you an easy way to test your intuition — and learn to trust it.

If you have time, jot down your impressions when you tune into the person before the meeting. Then, when you actually have the meeting, you can see how accurate your perceptions were.

Here’s a word of caution: Sometimes you’ll meet someone in person and come away with an entirely different impression than you did when you tapped in using your psychic senses. That does not mean that your psychic ability was wrong! It could mean that the person is good at covering up their authentic selves. It could also mean that the person is trying to deceive you. If you notice a stark difference, jot down your impressions of the face-to-face meeting and then wait and watch. See if over time your psychic impressions begin to make more sense.

Noting your successes when you tune into psychic abilities is critical to strengthening your psychic muscle. As you realize how accurate you are, your confidence grows and so does the likelihood that you will listen to your intuition when it speaks. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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