How to Talk to Dead Pets: Speaking with Dead Spirits

For pet owners, one of the most traumatic and heartbreaking events can be the loss of a beloved pet. Pets are faithful companions; in fact, many people consider a pet to be a child. So learning how to talk to dead pets can be a goal that some pet lovers have at some point in their lives.

how to talk to deadIf you’ve ever wondered how to talk to dead pets and if it is even possible, there is good news for you. Spirit communication is a phenomenon that many people have experienced. Some people describe the experience of having talked to a dead relative or another loved one who has crossed over to the other side in a dream. Others visited a medium to have a conversation with a loved one who has crossed over.

The same can be done if you want to communicate with your deceased pet.  In fact, there are also pet psychics who can help you communicate with a living pet as well.

What to say to a pet who has crossed over

So what would you talk about if you were able to talk to a dead pet?

You might ask if he or she is ok. Many people worry about what happens to their pets (or anyone else) when they cross over to the other side. It is natural to fear those things that we know nothing about. By having a conversation with a dead pet, you may find relief to know that he or she is just fine.

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You might tell your pet you love him or her. We all like to assume that our loved ones know that we love them. If you are wondering if your pet understood the love you had for him or her, a conversation might allow you to tell them.

You might introduce them to your new pet. If you’ve ever wondered what your old pet would think about your new pet, you could simply ask. Or maybe you simply want to tell your pet about your day and feel the comfort of that familiar companionship.

Tips on how to talk to dead pets

When you are ready to communicate with your dead pet, there are a number of steps you can take.

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Set an intention before you go to sleep. The dreamworld is one of the common places that people get in touch with dead humans and pets. Before you go to sleep, set the intention to meet your dead pet in your dreams. Have a notebook or recorder near by so you can jot down details about your dream when you wake up.

Meditate and think about your dead pet. When we meditate we quiet our conscious mind so that we can better hear what is going on beneath it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and conjure up the image of your dead pet. Then ask him or her to communicate with you. Be still and see what happens.

Pay attention to the behavior of living pets. If you have other pets, watch them carefully. Have you ever seen them staring off into space seemingly at nothing? Or perhaps you’ve seen them start chasing something that doesn’t seem to be there. Often pets, are able to see spirits when we can’t see them with our eyes. Your dead pet may be using your living pet to show you that he or she is around you.

Call a medium. If figuring out how to talk to dead pets isn’t your style, you might try seeking some outside help. Just like mediums can help you to connect with dead relatives and loved ones, they can also help you connect with dead pets. By reaching out to a medium you may get the comfort you need. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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