How to Talk to Spirit Guides: Questions to Ask

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where you felt like you were dealing with pressures all alone? Chances are, your Spirit Guides were around you, ready to be of assistance. However, many of us haven’t developed our relationships with our Spirit Guides. As a result, when our Spirit Guides reach out to help us, we aren’t able to ‘hear’ the messages they are sending us. Don’t let that happen to you. Learning how to talk to Spirit Guides can be one of the most important skills you can have.

How to talk to Spirit Guides

No matter how old we are or how much experience we have, sometimes we simply don’t know what to do. We may feel like we’ve veered off the wrong path or wonder what step we should next take in our lives. 

One way to gain insight into that next step is to ask for guidance from our Spirit Guides.  

Our Spirit Guides are here to help us; they are friends who will never let us down and who consider helping us one of their core missions.  But here’s the thing. Our Spirit Guides are not here to overstep the boundaries that we set and live our lives for us. In many instances, they won’t act on our behalf unless we ask them to. 

Spirit Guides are willing to share the burden

Often, we struggle with a problem and feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. But we don’t have to carry the burden alone.

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Our Spirit Guides are often willing to carry some of the burden and provide guidance that would make our lives easier. But again, we have to ask them; learning how to talk to Spirit Guides can help your life tremendously.

You might think that your Spirit Guides are only here for the big things in life, such as life or death decisions or matters related to your spiritual purpose. But that’s not the case. No problem is too small or trivial for your Spirit Guides to help you with. They will help you with your love life. They will help you overcome writer’s block. They will help you learn to cook. They will help you prepare for a test.

After all, your smallest problems are opportunities for you to evolve and your Spirit Guides are here to help that to happen.

Spirit Guides also have their own personalities, interests and missions. One Spirit Guide might be around to help you discover your life’s purpose; another Spirit Guide may be around to help you become comfortable with your own beauty. In the case of the latter,  that particular Spirit Guide may find joy in helping you do something as simple as pick out the perfect lipstick.

Getting to know your Spirit Guides  

If you’re new to working with your Spirit Guides, you can strengthen your relationship with them by simply going into meditation and talking to them.

Ask them questions and be silent and listen for the answers. You may experience those answers immediately in the form of thoughts or just a simple knowing. Or you may experience those answers through messages you receive as you go about life.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you and stay present. You might hear a song on the radio that you instinctively feel is a communication from a Spirit Guide. You may be drawn to a certain book or television show and read or hear a phrase that you know is an answer to your questions to your Spirit Guides.

You may have more than one 

Many people have multiple Spirit Guides, so be open to communicating with more than one. Each may have a distinct personality. In some cases, different Spirit Guides may help with different things. For example, you may have a main Spirit Guide who helps you through life and another Spirit Guide who provides guidance in your professional life. Sometimes a particular Spirit Guide will show up for a temporary period of time to help you learn an important lesson. In such a case, once you learn the lesson, that particular Spirit Guide might disappear. 

 If you’re wondering what to ask your Spirit Guides, you can really ask them anything. But the following questions can help to get you started. 

What is your name?

Why are you working with me?

What aspect of my life are you here to help me with?

What is the next step I should take in my life?

Is there something in my life that I should change right now?

Will you help me with my job search/money problems/efforts to find a romantic partner?

As you receive answers, express gratitude. What you appreciate in your life grows, so the act of showing gratitude will strengthen your relationship with your Spirit Guides.

Also write down the insights you receive about your Spirit Guides as you may want to refer back to the information later.

Finally, talk regularly to your Spirit Guides. In doing so, you will feel more and more comfortable with them and strengthen that relationship. Then, you will be better able to hear what your Spirit Guides have to say. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


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