How to tell if your dog is sick

If you’re a dog lover, your four-legged friend is likely considered a part of the family. You spend time together, and you’ve probably become very good at sensing your dog’s moods. Your dog also likely knows how to read your emotions. Dogs and their owners typically have a telepathic connection. If you’ve ever been sad only to have your dog come try to comfort you, you have seen this phenomenon first-hand. But what if you sense your dog is sick? Should you trust your gut or are you worrying for nothing?
If you feel uneasy about your pet’s health, you should first and foremost trust your intuition. Start to pay attention to your dog’s habits and see if you’re uneasy because of his actions or if you may be sensing an energetic disturbance in your dog’s auric field. If your dog is exhibiting symptoms, give your vet a call or take your pet to the vet for a visit. But if the dog physically seems fine, yet you sense that your dog is sick, you may be tempted to simply ignore your misgivings until you have reason to believe something is wrong.

Your dog could be sending you a telepathic message.

One reason you shouldn’t ignore your concerns is because, as I stated before, dogs and their owners often have a telepathic connection. Could you be sensing that your dog isn’t feeling well because your dog is sending you that message telepathically? That does often happen. Another thing you should consider is whether or not you worry frequently. If you’re always worried that your dog is sick, chances are he or she is fine; you may simply be anxious about your pet’s health, as this is normal behavior for you. But if you have a feeling that is unusual and unwarranted, it is important that you take that feeling seriously. It could literally save your pet’s life, since many pet illnesses can be better treated the earlier that they are caught. You may also be a medical intuitive — someone who is able to detect illnesses in others. While most medical intuitives are known for sensing illnesses in humans, many also are able to detect when something is wrong with a pet.

Perhaps the reason the dog hasn’t exhibited any symptoms yet is because the illness hasn’t reached his or her physical body yet. Typically, illness affects us energetically before it affects us physically. That’s why psychics, who are able to sense what’s going on with us energetically, can often detect an illness before it’s physically affecting us.

A pet psychic could provide answers.

If you’re concerned and unsure whether you should take your dog to the vet, you might want to contact a pet psychic. There are benefits to finding psychics who specialize in a certain area; rather than going to a general psychic you want to make sure you go to one who has a knack for communicating with pets. A pet psychic can tell you if your dog is feeling sick. He or she can also tell you if your dog is happy, or if there’s something that your dog wishes that you would know. Some pet psychics specialize in finding lost pets. There are also pet mediums who can communicate with dogs and cats on the other side. When consulting a pet psychic for my cat, I was informed that a certain cat food I was feeding her was impacting her digestive system in a negative way. The pet psychic suggested that I switch cat foods and she told me what kind of cat food to buy. When I followed her advice, I noticed that my cat had a healthier appetite and more regular bowel movements. If you’re looking for evidence that your telepathic connection to your pet is real, or you want to know what’s going on with your pet emotionally and energetically, click here to contact a pet psychic.

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