How to Undo a Spell: What You Need to Know

undo a spell

If you’re interested in learning how to use spells to get what you want, make sure you also understand how to undo a spell.

While people have all kinds of notions about what a spell is and what it is not, I stand firm in the belief that a a spell is simply focused intention.

When we perform rituals that are designed to bring about a certain outcome, we are finding a way to focus our energy into our intention. Spells can also help us to remove doubts and increase our belief. This is because it’s sometimes easier to believe in the power of a spell even if you don’t yet believe the outcome you want is probable.

Anyone who understands the Law of Attraction knows that intention coupled with belief is extremely powerful and effective.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to do a spell.

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  • You might want to boost your magnetic appeal if you’ve recently started dating again (Read: How to attract love with an ethical love spell)
  • You might want to attract more money into your life
  • You might want to protect yourself from the negative energy of others

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Performing a spell or ritual can increase your confidence and signal your desire for metaphysical help in achieving your goal. But there may be times in which you’ll feel the need to reverse or undo the spell. If so, here is what you need to know.

When to undo a spell

There are a variety of reasons why you might consider it wise to reverse a spell. Among them:

You’ve received some undesirable results

Sometimes you’ll do a spell or ritual and you’ll notice that little things start to happen that you are happy about. Other times you’ll do a spell or ritual and it will seem like nothing is happening. Then there are times when you’ll do a spell or ritual and you’ll start to notice things happening that you don’t really like.

Does that mean the spell backfired? Maybe, maybe not. But you might want to scratch the ritual work you’ve already done and start all over again.

The spell may no longer be necessary

If your spell was effective, there’s likely to come a time when you no longer need it. Say you did a spell designed to make you more attractive to potential suitors. Then, after a few months of dating you meet someone and you’re happy with that person. Having other suitors continue to court you and chase you may be fun at first, but later it could become a nuisance. In that situation, you may decide to undo the spell.

You changed your mind

We are all evolving people and we are always able to change our minds about things. You may have wanted a certain outcome in your life and you performed a ritual or spell designed to help you achieve it. Maybe a few weeks later you decide it’s not really what you want. Or perhaps you’d rather undo the spell and perform another spell that more precisely states what you want in your life.

Ways to reverse a spell

Once you decide you want to undo a spell, here are some ways to make it happen.

Burn the remnants of the ritual you performed

If the spell you performed did not involve burning, you can burn the materials you used. For example, say your spell consisted of you writing a letter stating an intention and burying the letter in your back yard with a crystal. You might burn the letter to undo the spell so it’s no longer providing energy to that intention.

Using fire on a spell that involved the use of fire such as candlemagick could have the opposite effect and make your spell stronger. Also, always take safety precautions when using fire. Never leave the fire unsupervised. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby in case you need it.

Perform a release spell or ritual

For spells such as those that used fire in casting, you may need to do another spell. Simply perform another spell and set the intention that this one supersedes the previous one. In the process, state that you release all attachment to the original spell and declare it meaningless.

Redirect the spell

This is probably my least favorite option, but some people have redirected a spell in order to dilute its effectiveness. Typically you’ll hear about this option when people want to reverse a spell that has been performed on them. In other words, say someone casts a spell on you. You may seek to redirect the energy back to the sender. I’m not a fan of this because I live by the creed of karma and recognize that sending energy someone’s way can lead that same energy to be directed at me. However, it may make sense to redirect energy into the ground or give it up the Universe to redirect it in any way it sees fit. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.