How Zener Cards Can Make You More Telepathic

If the idea of sending and receiving telepathic messages excites you, then you owe it to yourself to take steps to strengthen your telepathic abilities. Sure, some people are natural born telepaths; but even if you’ve never had a telepathic thought in your life, there are exercises you can use to enhance your abilities. If you’re wondering whether you’re telepathic at all, these exercises can help you discover whether you have a knack for it. Telepathy can enhance your life in a good number of ways:

  • You can communicate with someone across a crowded room.
  • You can reach out to an estranged friend, family member or lover.
  • You can apologize to someone who isn’t speaking to you.
  • You can communicate with someone you have not yet met (Yes, that includes a soulmate).
  • You can say ‘good night’ to a loved one who is far away.
  • You can have a sensitive or awkward conversation that you’re afraid to bring up face to face.

Like most psychic abilities, telepathy gets better with practice. As you become more comfortable sending and receiving telepathic thoughts the process becomes easier and you become more confident that you’re really doing something and not making it up.

What are Zener Cards?

So that brings us to the subject of this blog post — Zener Cards. While skeptics often turn their noses up at psychic phenomena, Zener Cards were actually created by scientists. A Duke University psychologist named Karl Zener, PhD, actually developed the cards in the 1930s with the intention of conducting research on Extrasensory Perception (ESP). The cards were used by Zener and another psychologist at Duke named J. B. Rhine.

There are 25 cards in a deck, and the cards each have one of five different symbols — a circle, a cross, a wave, a square and a star. When the two psychologists used the cards in their research, they would hold them up in front of people, showing only the backs of the cards.The research subjects would then be asked to guess which symbol was on the front of the card. The idea behind the studies was to determine whether the subjects could psychically pick up on which designs were on the cards.

Rhine wrote about his research and experiments. If you’re interested in finding out more about them, you can download the book here.

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How to Strengthen Your Telepathic Powers With Zener Cards

Reading about Rhine’s experiments is one thing, but wouldn’t it be more exciting to actually recreate them? You can purchase your own Zener Cards and use them to strengthen your own telepathic abilities.

In order to strengthen your telepathic abilities, it’s best to have a partner to work with. Do you have any friends who are interested in psychic phenomena? If so, get them to come over and the two of you can work with the Zener Cards together.

Once you have someone to work with, designate one person the sender and the other the receiver. Sit across from each other and make sure the receiver is unable to see which symbols are on the cards.

It’s important that you both clear your minds. If you have a lot of thoughts crowding through your head, it may be more difficult to send thoughts as well as to receive them. And if you do receive a telepathic thought, it may be so crowded out by other thoughts that you don’t even recognize it. And that would defeat the purpose.

It might be helpful to do a short meditation prior to starting the exercises. That might also help to clear your mind. You might also try meditating regularly for a couple of weeks prior to starting the experiments. If meditating is tough for you, check out this blog post on isochronic tones and how they can help make meditation easier.

Then try the following steps.

  1. The sender will pick a card and look at the design on it. Then the sender will attempt to send the image to the receiver. In order to send the image, you might picture a thought bubble coming from your head with the image inside of it. Visualize that thought bubble being gently nudged in the direction of the receiver. Continue to see the thought bubble as it moves closer and then stops over the head of the receiver.
  2. At this point, the sender should ask the receiver what image is on the card. Note the answer, but don’t tell the receiver the results until they’ve gone through the deck of cards.
  3. Scientifically, the odds of someone guessing the correct card are 20 percent. So if the receiver gets more than 20 percent correct (6 cards or more), those results would suggest that the person is telepathic.
  4. Once you’ve finished trade places so the original sender becomes the receiver and the original receiver becomes the sender.

If you don’t do well at first, don’t worry. Psychic ability is a skill that gets better with practice. Try several times to work with the cards over a period of time and see whether you notice any improvements.

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