Intuitive Living

I didn’t expect to start a blog, but it fits into my new desire to live intuitively. All around me, I’m seeing and feeling the breaking down of a world that didn’t work. Where people lived for money and prestige yet felt empty and unfulfilled. Still, the money and the greed and the debt and the fear kept them chained to the jobs they hated, the relationships that smothered them and the habits that numbed the boredom.

I’m a journalist who has been writing about money and business and careers, but I never wrote stories about what I really think, such as that budgets are limiting and goals inhibit us from letting the lives we really want unfold. Since the economy has taken away some of my business, I’ve decided not to simply replace lost clients with more of the same. Instead of writing the same stories over and over again I’m going to incorporate my intuition into my writing, just as I change my life so that it is controlled by the inside out instead of the other way around. I’m going to write about living from the heart and how people can learn to listen to their own ideas and feelings — and trust them. I’m going to write about the world I see, as well as the world I only know to be there, where spiritual guidance helps us along the way.

I’m going to spend some time living intuitively, writing about living a more holistic lifestyle and basically letting my life lead me to the destination IT wants me to reach. Follow my journey or, better yet, join me! may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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