Is a Karmic Marriage Destined for Divorce?

karmic marriage

People marry for many reasons. Some marry for love, some marry for money and some marry because they have business from a past life that needs finishing. A karmic marriage is between two people with past life baggage between them that needs to be dealt with. Rarely are such marriages characterized by smooth sailing.

One way to understand karmic marriages is to consider the word karma. Karma has to do with cause and effect; one action leads to another. To put it simply, you do bad things to people, bad things will be done to you. You bring joy to others, and someone will bring joy to you. When karma is created between two souls, they may form a karmic marriage in another lifetime so that karma can be fulfilled.

Some reasons for a karmic marriage

So what are some types of past life experiences that could lead to a karmic marriage?

  • One person may have done terrible deeds to the other and the union is an opportunity for the wrongdoer to right those wrongs
  • One of the two people may have murdered the other and the karmic marriage is designed to teach them to live together in peace
  • The two souls may have desired in a past life to create a new life together by birthing a child
  • One person may have hurt the other and the marriage is designed to give that person a taste of his or her own medicine
  • One soul may have intended to learn a challenging life lesson and the other soul agrees to the marriage (between lives) in order to help.

Karmic marriages are typically sacred contracts between souls, meaning they decide between lives to work together in this life to achieve a goal. Since the relationship transcends lifetimes, the people we have karmic relationships with tend to be soulmates. Learn more about soulmates here.

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Also, if you’re in a karmic marriage today, that doesn’t mean the past life relationship was a romantic one. It could have been any type of relationship where there was unfinished business.

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Characteristics of a karmic marriage

While the idea of such a union may sound good, in reality these relationships don’t tend to be pleasant. Karmic relationships of all types often include a lot of drama and tension. (Read: Signs You’re In a Karmic Relationship)

These are the types of relationships that start off immediately intense. You may feel an instant connection — because you do! You’re likely remembering on a soul level that you have a connection with this soul. Intuitively you know that they will be an important part of your life.

These relationships may also have a lot of ups and downs. These may be your on again-off again relationships where both parties simply can’t get the other person out of their system. Unfortunately one or both parties may become violent or cause a lot of pain in the relationship. (And yes that pain can spill over and affect others too).

To those on the outside, a karmic marriage can look like a toxic relationship and people could judge it as being unhealthy. While those descriptions may in fact be true, there is typically something important being played out between the two souls that, again, transcends their current lifetimes.

How karmic unions end

So now that we’ve discussed what karmic marriages are, that brings us to the title of this blog post and whether such relationships are likely to end in divorce. The truth of the matter is that karmic relationships are typically not forever unions. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • They are so intense and that level of intensity cannot be sustained
  • Once the karmic debt has been paid, there is no longer a need for the relationship
  • The back and forth nature of the relationship clashes with the notions of marriage and stability

As a result, it’s probably not unusual for karmic marriages to end in divorce. However, that’s not the only ending possible. Some people in karmic unions stay together despite the tensions and ups and downs. Yet the relationship is still unlikely to evolve into a happy marriage.

If you are in one of these types of relationships and you feel the relationship ending, it’s probably a good idea to let it go once you believe you’ve done all you can for the relationship. The good news is that once you’ve paid the karmic debt, you’re free to evolve and move onto another life lesson, which could very well have to do with a new love. If you suspect that you’re in a karmic marriage but aren’t sure, a psychic could be able to shed light on the question, maybe giving you insight into whether the relationship is worth saving. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.