Is a past life the cause of your money problems?

If you struggle with money, it’s easy to blame your low salary, a string of bad luck or a bad financial choice (not to mention the bad choices of your loved ones). But the reason for your money problems could be more complex than that. The root cause of your financial challenges could be unresolved issues from a past life.

Perhaps you were someone in a past life who made a lot of money and you wanted to learn how the other half lives in this one. Or maybe karma could be impacting you. If you were extremely stingy with money in a past life or if you did mean things to people with money, karma could be giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to be deprived of money in this lifetime.

You could also have lived a past life in which money was the root of your downfall. If you have unresolved issues from that past life, you may subconsciously think that money is bad. Such a thought can then influence the choices you make. Think about it. If you subconsciously believe money is bad, wouldn’t it make sense that you would subconsciously sabotage all of your opportunities to attract more money?

So how do you figure out if a past life is the cause of your money problems? If your money problems are the result of irresponsible behavior, chances are it’s not a past life speaking to you. However,  if you feel like your money habits are out of your control, it’s definitely something you should consider. If you’ve always had money challenges, or you constantly find yourself experiencing the same financial hardship again and again, it’s worth taking a second look.

To explore whether your money problems are related to a past life:

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Set the intention to learn more. Be open to the idea that a past life can provide insight into how you can manage your financial problems and ask the Universe to send you signs of clarity.

Go into meditation. Quieting your mind and going within will help you to access your own inherent psychic knowledge. Be open to what your intuition tells you about past lives and be willing to believe it.

Visit a past life expert. There are psychics who specialize in helping people to work with their past lives. If you’re serious about exploring life issues that stem from a past life, you might want to take this route.

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