Is astral projection dangerous?

Is astral projection dangerous? Many people think so. In fact, some people do not attempt astral projection because of a number of fears, including the fear of the unknown.

Some are afraid of  demonic attacks that they think  astral travelers could be subjected to when they have lost control over their bodies.

Some fear alien abduction.

The fear of death is another major reason many people believe that astral projection is dangerous. Some people believe evil forces can take control of one’s life when they are having an out of body experience, leaving them helpless.

Some fear that they could get lost and be unable to return to their bodies.

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All of these fears are unfounded. There are no records of death for people who have embarked on such a journey. Nor are there records of being getting lost or hurt in any way during such an experience.

On the flip side, many people report having great experiences with astral projection. Some say they came away with a better understanding of their life lessons and life challenges. Others came away with a better understanding of why their loved ones do the things that they do. Some even reported overcoming their fear of death, as they realized that there was so much to the world that we don’t understand.

How to become an astral traveler

If you want to learn more about how to be an astral traveler,  Deborah King teaches a course that shows you how to take a trip into the astral realm. During the course she talks a good deal about  how to travel safely. The course also discusses other topics such as how to use astral travel to explore different spiritual states, and even to visit your own past lives. King teaches that your connection to spirit will be strengthened through conscious astral travel.

The course will also teach many of the techniques that are used to engage in astral travel. For example, relaxation is crucial, as is the ability to have an open mind.

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