Is ISIS burning of hostage any different from witch burnings?

The barbaric video of ISIS burning a Jordanian pilot alive has rightfully disgusted people across the world. Some are talking about how this violence is unprecedented. But it’s not. It’s simply another example of history repeating itself.

ISIS justifies the actions they are taking. Religion plays a huge role in why they do what they do.

Let’s look back to the witch trials and burnings that took place across the world centuries ago. In this case, it was typically Christians who lit the match and burned ‘witches’ because these people were believed to follow a different spiritual path.

When we don’t learn spiritual lessons, we are destined to repeat them. History repeats itself because people failed to grasp what they were supposed to learn from the experience the first time.

Those who study¬†reincarnation know that souls often have similar experiences in different lifetimes, particularly when a soul lesson was not learned the first time aroud. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that some of those involved in the elimination of a group of people based on religion had a similar experience lifetimes ago, even if the circumstances were different. For example, the person who lit the match in one lifetime could be the person who is burned in another. Karma has a way of balancing the scales.

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Some people may find that the recent burning of the ISIS hostage hits them particularly hard. If you had a burning experience in a previous lifetime, you could even feel triggered by the event. If that is the case, honor your feelings and most importantly, don’t deny them. Feelings are real even if you don’t have a logical framework for them.

As the world moves forward after the ISIS burning, there are choices that stand to be made. Jordan has already retaliated and some are saying that this may be the turning point in the fight against ISIS.

Whatever it is, it is crucial that the world looks at the similarities to the persecutions of witches throughout history. If we don’t finally learn why burnings and torture and cruelty are in no one’s best interest, we will be destined to repeat it again.

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