Learning Your Own Intuitive Language

You can’t give someone a step-by-step guide to understanding how their intuition communicates with them because for everyone it’s different. A symbol could mean one thing to one person and another to someone else.

For example, one way my intuition talks to me is through car dreams. After having many of these dreams, I’ve learned that when I dream that I’m driving, I’m in control and handling a situation effectively. When I’m in the passenger seat, back seat or in some cases outside of the car entirely, I’m allowing others to exert too much influence in my life so I know I need to make some real-world changes. Likewise, if I dream that I’m driving and the brakes don’t work, I know that I’ve totally lost control of a situation.

I had coffee with a friend from college yesterday and she mentioned her fish dreams, which never fail to tell her when someone she knows is pregnant.

Because people’s symbols are different, I don’t think much of dream dictionaries and other attempts to attach a meaning to specific thoughts or dreams. The only way you can learn your own language is to pay attention to what happens after you’ve had a certain dream or noticed a certain gut feeling.

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Intuitive Action Item: Get a notebook and start recording every dream, hunch, flash of insight or gut instinct that you experience. In doing so, you’ll start to notice what symbols keep showing up, as well as what happens in your life shortly thereafter. The more comfortable you are with your intuition’s method of communicating, the more success you’ll have in interpreting its messages.

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