Love Crystals to Help You Get to the Altar

love crystals

You probably know that you can use Rose Quartz to attract love. But what about when you’ve attracted love and you’re ready to take that relationship to the next level? If that’s your intention, Rose Quartz may not be your best option. Try these crystals instead.

How crystals help your vibe

So why would you want to use crystals for love in the first place? It helps to understand a little bit about how crystals work.

Crystals have a special quality. Their molecules are arranged in fixed, repeating geometric patterns. That means two different samples of the same crystal can vary in size or shape, yet they would have the exact same internal structure if you examined them underneath a microscope.

Like everything in the Universe, crystals have energy fields that vibrate. However, because the molecules that make up crystals are organized in those fixed repeating patterns, the energy field of a crystal is quite steady — meaning its vibration doesn’t easily move up and down.

Which is exactly the opposite of what happens with people. Our energy fields are very easily influenced meaning outside occurrences and our own emotions raise and lower our vibes all the time. If we have a bad day, our vibration may fall. If someone compliments us, our vibration may rise. If we’re overworked or stressed out, our vibration is likely to be lower than if we’re rested or meditating.

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Holding onto a steady vibration can be tough. Sure meditation can help, but few of us are able to meditate 24 hours a day. However, crystals can influence our energy fields and help us to raise or lower our vibrations so that we’re operating energetically from the place we want to be.

How crystals can influence the heart chakra

One of the keys to maintaining relationships is having a heathy and balanced heart chakra. Chakras are the centers through which energy flows through our bodies. When a chakra is blocked and energy is unable to move through it effectively, we experience physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. Likewise, if a chakra is over-active, we can experience unwanted results as well.

Different crystals have different effects on our bodies, our spirits and our chakras. If you want to use crystals for love, you want to choose crystals that have an affect on your heart chakra. Some love crystals can open your heart chakra; others can balance it or bring healing to it such as if you have a broken heart. Crystals that are green in color often have a strong connection to the heart chakra.

Everyone responds in a unique manner to a particular crystal so a crystal that works for you might not do anything for a friend. That’s why it’s a good idea to experiment and try working with different crystals to see if you notice that they are having an effect.

Signs your love crystals are working for you

Some signs that a crystal is working for you include:

  • You feel better around it; your energy is higher and you notice an overall positive change
  • Your circumstances begin to change in the manner that you intend
  • You have general good feelings about your crystal and are happy that you have it.

If you’re going to be experimenting with a new crystal it’s a good idea to experiment with one at a time. That way if your vibration changes you have a better idea what’s causing it. For example, if you start working with three crystals at once, they may cancel each other out, or you may be unable to determine which is having the greatest impact on your life.

Crystals for love

So you’re ready to use crystals to help further a good relationship along? These crystals may be a good place to start.

Emerald: According to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, emerald is known as the “stone of successful love.” Perhaps the reason for this is because emerald can promote unity between partners, as well as the ideas of unconditional love and partnership. Emerald is also known to calm the emotions. That can be helpful in keeping a relationship from becoming turbulent. Emerald is also known for helping someone to develop strength of mind and character, which can also be helpful when it comes to embracing theb responsibilities that come with committed love.

Ruby: While ruby isn’t green (it’s typically red), it can also have a positive effect on your love life. Ruby is known to stimulate the heart chakra, and it is said to inspire passion and fire in a relationship. It can also have a positive impact on your sex life so if you’re looking for an aid in the bedroom, ruby may be just what you need.

Sardonyx: Unless you’re very familar with crystals, you may not have heard of this one. Sardonyx is said to bring stability to marriage and partnerships. It’s also believed to bring good luck to those who possess it so it can’t hurt to have a little bit around.

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While your Rose Quartz may have done its job attracting new love into your life, these crystals may help you take your relationship to a brand new realm. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.