Manifesting 101: Why You Should Pre-pave Everything


When it comes to manifesting, I often think about using manifestation techniques for the big stuff rather than the mundane experiences that I have every day. However, I got a big lesson today in why I should be applying these principals to everything.

One of the techniques I have found most effective is pre-paving. Basically, this is visualizing and feeling how you want something to go before it happens. If I wanted to ask for a raise, I might pre-pave the way by visualizing the conversation with my boss ending with me getting the money that I want. If I feel the excitement I would experience if I got the raise while doing the visualization, even better.

We often pre-pave the way for things we don’t want when we worry and picture bad outcomes in our minds. We have to stop doing that.

One of the side effects of my chemo is neuropathy, which is tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. My doctor prescribed a medication for it that he said might help.

When I saw the prescription, I could see that the medication was a capsule. I have a tough time swallowing pills and I figured this would be challenging. I had been trying to get comfortable swallowing pills and I could now swallow small pills easily, but I wasn’t comfortable with capsules.

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So I got the urge to visualize myself being able to swallow the pills. However, that visualization was difficult because I didn’t really believe that it would be easy to swallow the pills.

One of my Spirit Guides told me to use metaphysics and make it easy for myself. So I started visualizing myself asking the pharmacist if the capsule could be opened and I visualized her telling me it could be opened and the contents could be put in food such as applesauce. In my visualization I came away from the interaction happy and with a pill that was easy for me to ingest.

When I got to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me the prescription had not yet been prepared and I asked her if the capsule was large. She said she didn’t think so but showed me the size and yes it was large as far as I was concerned. I asked if the capsule could be opened because I had a tough time swallowing pills. She said ‘ you know there is a liquid version of this medication.’

I asked if I could have the liquid version and she said email your doctor – he has to sign off on it. I did that and less than 24 hours later I had the liquid version and left the pharmacy happy and with medication that was easy for me to ingest.

The moral of this story: pre-pave the way for the easiest scenario that gets you what you want. Set your expectations before you make big moves — and small moves — throughout your day. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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