Meghan Markle Psychic: Was Royal Wedding Predicted?

Meghan Markle psychic predictions are all over the Internet. Some say she and Prince Harry will be having twins; others say that the two of them will end up getting divorced. But the new Duchess of Sussex may have gotten her own preview of the Royal Wedding by her own psychic prior to her first meeting with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle psychicPeople get psychic readings for all kinds of reasons. In the UK, horoscopes and psychic readings are particular popular. Often we want to know what’s coming in our lives or we want to know if we’re on the right path. We may want to find out if new love is on the way or if we should stay in a current relationship. We may wonder if we’ve met a soulmate or if we should start looking for a new job.

Celebrities are no different. They, too, sometimes visit psychics to get insight into their lives and their careers. Meghan Markle apparently is a believer, and the information that her psychic gave her was pretty doggone accurate.

Meghan Markle psychic: Who is Richard Win?

Like many people, Meghan Markle had her favorite psychic. In fact, she recommended Richard Win, a psychic based in Los Angeles, to a makeup artist named Spencer Barnes. Barnes posted on Instagram a note of thanks to Meghan for introducing him to Richard Win, and dropped a bit of information about a psychic reading that Meghan had prior to meeting Prince Harry.

In the post, Barnes wrote:

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I want to take a moment to thank this beautiful soul #MeghanMarkle for introducing me to someone who has become a powerful friend over the last couple years. His name is Richard Win. He is 72 years old and a gifted intuitive.
So who, exactly, is this Richard Win (and how can someone find him for a psychic reading?) Win spoke to TMZ and shared that when he met with Meghan, he saw London in the cards.

According to TMZ, Win said he told Markle, “I see you in London with a lot of British people.” ¬†Meghan was happy with that prediction and even said, “I love London … I love British people.” However, at the time Meghan hadn’t met Harry yet and she was actually seeing someone else. Later, Win said that Meghan reached out to him and told him that she had met someone new who lived in England.

Richard Win apparently works with many celebrities and reportedly charges $250 per session.

How to find your own psychic?

You don’t have to be Meghan Markle to have your very own psychic. In fact, it can be helpful to have someone you trust that you go to over and over again when you need guidance in your life.

A psychic can be like a life coach and can help you to make heart-centered decisions. Psychics can sometimes help you to see things that you might otherwise overlook.

So what should you look for in a psychic?

Find someone you’re drawn to. Your intuition is your greatest asset when it comes to finding a psychic. Trust your gut and stick with someone you feel comfortable with.

Look for someone you can give feedback to. Meghan Markle emailed her psychic to let him know that he was right about her finding something special in England. You want someone who you can have a relationship with and feel comfortable sharing details of your life with.

Pay attention to references. Meghan shared her experience with Spencer Barnes and he also benefited from the relationship with the psychic. If someone speaks highly of a psychic, or a psychic on a web site has many good reviews, consider giving them a try.

There will undoubtedly be many Meghan Markle psychic predictions in the weeks, months and years ahead. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if she found another psychic in England. You may benefit from a psychic connection too.

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