Mental Telepathy Between Lovers: An Exercise to Try

mental telepathy between lovers

Some things may be difficult to say to your partner. Maybe you want to apologize for messing up in the relationship. Perhaps you want to ask your partner about their feelings for you or you are ready to share your feelings for them, but you’re a little nervous. Mental telepathy between lovers is a gift that can help you to communicate without worrying about awkward conversations and finding the right words.

Mental telapathy between lovers is actually pretty common. Have you ever completed the sentences of a lover or known what he or she was thinking even when they haven’t yet shared it? Being able to pick up on your lover’s thoughts and vice-versa can bring you closer to that person and take your communication to an entirely different level.

Having that level of intimacy can lead to many fun experiences from emotional connection to sexual chemistry.

However, it can also be a drag if you’re not ready to share everything with this person. They may be able to pick up on what you’re up to even if you are not ready to tell the world your plans.

If you’re thinking, ‘i’m not telepathic,’ the good news is mental telepathy between lovers can be learned. Here, you can learn some basic telepathic skills.

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If your lover is open to the idea of telepathy and would be interested in experimenting with this form of communication, here is an exercise you can try.

Exercise to promote mental telepathy between lovers

Meditate or be still in order to quiet your mind. Constant chatter can block telepathic thoughts from coming through. If that’s a problem for you, try these 3-minute meditations to help you calm your mind.

Come up with a category, such as ‘colors,’ ‘numbers’ or ‘foods.’

Let your lover know what category you’ve chosen. Then, send thoughts to your lover that reflect the category you’ve chosen. For example, if your category was colors, you might send thoughts to your lover of the color ‘blue.’

After a few minutes of sending the thought, ask your lover to tell you what color you sent their way.

You can also use oracle cards or Zener cards.

Learn how Zener cards can make you more telepathic.

One person should look at a card without telling the other person what it is. Think about the card and then let your lover guess what card you are thinking about.

If you don’t get the results you want at first, don’t be frustrated. Simply try again. Also, switch places with your lover and have them come up with a category and send you thoughts. Then you try to guess what those thoughts are.

A variation of this exercise can take place before you go to sleep. When your eyes are heavy and you are on the verge of the dreamworld, send a thought to your lover. The next morning, call him or her to find out how they slept and ask what they dreamt about. You can also ask them outright if they receieved your message. Keep practicing this exercise until the two of you succeed. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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