Michael Jackson’s Intuitive Nature

The mass appreciation being expressed for Michael Jackson in light of his death got me to thinking about his contributions to music and pop culture. But it also made me think about Michael’s unique nature, which sometimes manifested itself in what society would consider to be ‘bizarre’ behavior.

I believe intuition and creativity come from the same place. In order to be creative, you have to go within and be willing to turn left when others would turn right. Being creative means being willing to express ideas and take actions that feel right to you even if others find them strange or eccentric.

While Michael may have had his missteps I think part of the reason he was a musical genius is because he was willing to make choices that he understood even if the rest of the world didn’t. I’ll never understand why he chose to transform his appearance so drastically or spend so much time with a chimpanzee named Bubbles, but those actions obviously made sense to him and he clearly didn’t listen to public opinion or else he would have acted in a more ‘normal’ manner. But on the flip side, had he been unwilling to follow his own rules, Michael may not have taken the artistic risks that led him to be a trendsetter in music, dance and fashion. (A friend of mine is wearing sequined socks today as a tribute to Michael’s unique look).

At some point, anyone committed to living intuitively will have to choose between doing what’s considered ‘normal’ and doing what feels right. Let the extraordinary success of Michael Jackson be a testament to where following your own path could potentially take you.

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