Why you might be a medium and not know it

signs you are a mediumOne of the biggest misconceptions people have about mediums is that in order to be a medium, you must see dead people. While many do, in fact, have the ability to communicate with those who have passed away, not all of them do. Some mediums have the ability to communicate with other beings from other realms, such as Spirit Guides, angels and fairies, instead.

Being a medium simply means that you have the ability to communicate with beings outside of the human realm. Those beings will provide you with psychic information. However, movies and television shows often portray mediums as only being a conduit between the living and the dead. While that is truly a valuable skill that many mediums have, you can be a medium without ever having made contact with a ghost or deceased person in your life.

If you can hear or sense your Spirit Guides giving you directions, you are a medium. Other mediums may simply see faces or have the ability to sense a presence and have no idea what it is that they are tapping into.

Some mediums grow into their abilities over time. They may start off being able to communicate with their Spirit Guides, and find that over time they begin to connect with other beings, as well. Mediums may also find that they tended to attract paranormal activity around them when they were children. They may have sensed the presence of a ghost in the house, or they may have known that a relative had died before they were told.

When it comes to psychic ability, we’re often the last to know how powerful we truly are. If you are a medium and embrace the gift, you will find that those beings that you are meant to communicate with will find you and make their presence known. When you embrace your gift, you often find that you are told things that can help you to make better decisions in your life. A Spirit Guide can help you know which direction to turn in. A deceased loved one can let you know how proud they are of you. You may even decide to start a business as a medium and helping others to gain clarity in their lives.

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