Minority Report to focus on precognition

There is a certain fascination with the idea of using psychic ability to solve crimes. Whether people claim to believe in the power of intuition or not, they seem willing to suspend any disbelief if psychic ability is used to catch the bad guys.

We also know that psychics have contributed to police investigations in some instances. In fact, in the United Kingdom, the College of Policing recently released new guidelines, saying that information received from psychics should be evaluated along with the other evidence in a case.

Psychics have also been hired by families who are trying to find out what happened to a victim. Some psychics such as Noreen Renier have made quite a name for themselves helping police departments and families solve crimes.

Television shows such as Medium show that the public is interested in hearing about such cases. Then there are the scores of books from authors such as Kay Hooper, Victoria Laurie and Dale Meyer that delve into the subject of psychics solving mysteries.

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Now add one more to the mix. Minority Report, which airs on Mondays this season tells the story of Dash, who is what’s known as a precog — someone who can predict crimes. Based on the 2002 Tom Cruise film of the same name, the series is set in the year 2065 in Washington, DC. Instead of calling Dash psychic, the premise is that he has been mutated through a government program that led to his psychic gift of precognition.

Now he’s paired with regular law enforcement officials and they must deal with a huge spike in crime using both his psychic ability and traditional law enforcement methods. The series stars Stark Sands and Meagan Good and it will appear of Fox.

Regardless of how he got his psychic ability, Dash must deal with the challenges and consequences of seeing crimes before they happen and figuring out what to do to stop them. Those who are struggling to understand their own intuitive strengths can likely relate even if they’ve never had to deal with such life and death issues.

It will be interesting to see if viewers will connect.

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