What Your Moon Sign Can Tell You

moon signHaving an understanding of your sun sign can provide insight and can make for some good horoscope reading. But having an understanding of a few other aspects of your astrological chart can give you a better grasp of who you are and what makes you tick. One of those aspects you can benefit from learning about is your Moon sign.

What is your Moon sign?

Your Moon sign indicates where the Moon was at the moment that you were born. You know how the Moon can make you feel emotional at times? Well your Moon sign gives you some insight into your emotional self. By understanding the qualities of your Moon sign, you may have a better idea of what drives you emotionally.

I had an epiphany about myself when I learned that my Moon sign was in the sign of Taurus.

I had always known that my sun sign is Virgo, and I have many of the traditional traits that Virgos have.

—I’m practical.
—I’m organized.
—I’m efficient.
—I’m particular.
—I’m a perfectionist.
—I’m picky.

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But those traits are only a snapshot of who I truly am. There are other facets that a description of my sun sign simply would not capture.

What my Moon sign showed me

Having Taurus as my Moon sign contributed to different qualities that I possess. A Taurus is unlikely to rush into anything. Slow and steady wins the race (which ironically is a motto I’ve always held close.) A Taurus Moon also meant that I was likely to crave security and stability in my finances and in my life.

Learning my Moon sign helped me understand a choice I had made in my career. I’m a writer who has always had a dream of writing fiction, as well as writing about metaphysics, which is my passion. Yet, in college, I majored in journalism and pursued a career in journalism because in my mind it was a safe way to make a living. It would provide me with a regular job and a paycheck.

Years later, when I was a practicing journalist, I questioned that choice. I’d built a career that was successful, but not rewarding. In fact, I hated much of what I actually did. I had managed to create a life as a freelance journalist so I loved the flexibility that that provided. But much of the work, itself, I simply dreaded.

I criticized myself for choosing the safe ‘Plan B’ not because ‘Plan A’ didn’t work, but because ‘Plan B’ was safe. I felt like I hadn’t given myself a chance to follow my true dream.

But astrology showed me that I was wrong to be beating myself up. Discovering that my Moon sign was Taurus taught me that I valued stablity and security. The sign the Moon is in in your horoscope reveals insights about your emotional nature and what makes the inner you tick. If stability and security were things that I craved, then it made so much sense that I would choose a career that provided that over a career that I perceived to be risky. I was simply staying true to my nature.

How knowing my Moon sign made a difference

So how could I make that information work for me?

Once I realized that I valued safety and security, I knew that I would always have to keep those qualities in mind. If I wanted to pursue my wildest dreams, I would also have to make sure that the part of me that craves security and stablity feels safe, or else I might sabotage myself or create inner turmoil.

By learning your Moon sign, you may understand more of your emotional nature too. You can learn more about moon signs and how knowing your moon sign can be a game changer here.

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