Mutual Dreaming: Why 2 People Might Share a Dream

mutual dreaming

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, I remember stumbling into an online message board about dreams. Several people in the message thread shared that they had had a similar dream prior to the attacks about the tragedy. That was the first time I had heard of multiple people sharing the same dream, but, in fact, mutual dreaming may happen more often than one might think.

Mutual dreaming is an experience in which more than one person has a dream experience that takes place in the same dreamworld location and conveys the same action or message.

In the online forum, several of the participants described being in a similar setting and seeing planes crashing in the distance. As they each described their dream, their were elements that were central to all of their stories. While their dreams were prophetic, mutual dreams, or shared dreams, need not be giving you a peek into the future. In fact a mutual dream can be about anything.

In this particular instance, the people who shared the dream were strangers, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it may in some cases be easier to have a collective dream with a loved one since you might be on the same wavelength.

What mutual dreaming could be trying to tell you

So why might you be having a mutual dream with someone, whether it’s your best friend or a stranger? There are a number of reasons.

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The dream is a way to communicate with your tribe

If you’re familiar with the concept of soulmates, you may know that there is a common belief that we all have our own soul groups. Our soul group is a group of souls who we tend to incarnate with in life after life. We may share lessons together and help each other to evolve.

Our soulmates — or those in our soul groups — tend to be on the same wave length or vibrate to a similar frequency. A shared dream may be a way for people who belong to the same soul group to put out and receive a message that everyone in the group needs to hear.

The dream could be issuing an important warning

Sometimes dreams can give us information to help us prevent or avoid some type of danger. A prophetic dream could be a warning that we are headed in a certain direction, but we may be able to change course. This could be the case for our personal lives or for the world at large. (Read this article for information on how to tell a dream is prophetic.)

If there is a major global event that could impact many people a person who is in tune with their psychic abilities could possibly dream about it and could potentially be a messenger that can make a difference. If getting the message out is extremely important, multiple people might have the same dream since that would increase the odds that the message would be shared and more people could benefit from it.

The dreamers could be learning the same lesson

Some dreams have something to teach us. We may be in the process of learning a universal lesson such as humility and a dream may show us the a path we should take. All of humanity is learning and evolving and some people may be in need of the same lesson as you. A collective dream could provide a lesson that all of you could benefit from in your own unique ways.

It could even take the form of a lucid dream, in which a dreamer is fully aware of everything that is taking place in the dream and is able to actually participate in the dream consciously.

The dreams could all have the same guide

Sometimes our guides use dreams to communicate with us. We all have spirit guides who help us with various elements of our lives. One spirit guide might work with us on our spiritual evolution, another might help us with our artistic endeavors and yet another one might work with us as we work on our relationships.

If a particular spirit guide is working with multiple people who are learning similar lessons, a spirit guide might use the same dreamscape to communicate with those who need to get a piece of important information. (Read this post on how to talk to your spirit guides.)

Mutual dreams probably happen more often than we know because we don’t customarily talk about our dreams. We would have to be sharing a dream with someone for them to recognize it and share their own experience with that dream in order to know. If you have friends who are interested in dreams, share your dreams with each other, particularly if a dream seems larger than life or extremely significant. You may be surprised at the similarities. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.