My Dream of Climbing a Ladder: An Interpretation

There is so much we can learn from dreams. But so often we don’t take the time to set intentions to remember our dreams. And if we do remember our dreams, we often don’t take the time to record them. Last night I had a dream of climbing a ladder, and when I woke up I knew I had been given some important information through my psychic senses.

dream of climbing a ladder

A vivid night of dreams

I’ll admit, last night I had a number of dreams and one scene seemed to flow into another. For example, I remember dreaming that I was looking up in the corner of a house I was in and I saw a bird sitting in the corner near the window. I also dreamt about a cat and a kitten; I have been contemplating getting a dog or a cat and I’ve had a number of cat dreams lately, which tells me that I will be gaining a new fur baby in the form of a cat in the near future. 

But the ladder dream seemed different. There are certain signs that I look for that tell me a dream is important. Among them:

  • I feel emotions in the dream. Whether I’m happy, sad, scared or anxious, if I feel emotions, I know this is a dream to pay attention to.
  • I wake up after the dream. Sometimes when a dream really gets my attention, I will wake up as soon as it ends. It’s almost like I’m giving my conscious mind the opportunity to contemplate what I just experienced. After the dream of climbing a ladder, I did, indeed, wake up.
  • The dream stays on my mind throughout the day. Whenever I find my mind going back to a dream from the night before I know that my higher self is sending signals that this is something I should pay attention to. My ladder dream filled my thoughts more than a few times as I went about my life today. 

An overview of my ladder dream

The ladder dream was not long and convoluted; rather it was very short. In the dream, I was climbing a ladder inside of a large, tall building that looked somewhat like a castle. The ladder was taking me from one floor to the next. 

At first I was confidently climbing the ladder but as I got closer to the top, I began to feel uncertain and I started to get scared. Once I was a few steps away from the top, I began to feel like I was going to fall. I was struggling to hang onto the ladder as I felt my feet slipping off. The fear I felt was palpable. That’s what I mean about experiencing emotions in the dream. I was on the verge of having a nightmare.

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But then I noticed that there was a man at the top of the ladder. He was looking down at me. He seemed friendly enough. He seemed like he wanted things to go according to my best interest. I felt relief upon seeing him and I asked him to help me finish climbing the ladder and get to safety.

But he would not help me. He actually said he could not help me. He sat there watching me struggle and did not lift a hand to help me. Yet, I still felt like this person had my best interests at heart. 

I continued to struggle and then I made it to the top. The man wore a smile on his face, and he said ‘that was close.’ I was happy that I had made it to safe ground. 

How I interpreted the dream of climbing a ladder

There were a number of ways that I could have looked at that dream. I could have focused on the man who did not help me and wondered if there was someone around me that I could not trust. But that’s not what I intuitively felt about the dream. 

I felt like the man could not help me climb the ladder because that was a journey I had to take for myself.  I was near the top of the ladder, which told me I was almost at a new stage of my life and I was looking for someone to save me, if you will. However, ultimately I did not need anyone to save me. I had the power to save myself and get to the top of the ladder and onto new ground.

So how do I apply that to my life? Readers of this blog know that I have been having health challenges for a couple of years. I had a Whipple surgery earlier this year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2021. The surgery was a success and it’s considered a cure. Though the recovery has been slow and long, I am moving to my new normal — a new stage in my life. Yet, I still sometimes feel like I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I took the dream as meaning I am almost at the next stage in my life. The top of the ladder put me on a new floor. Higher ground. I’m still dealing with the emotions and physical changes that have been brought about from treatment over the last couple of years. I have grown so dependent on others — caregivers, doctors, etc. — that I’m waiting for someone to continue helping me up the ladder. However, I simply need to climb to the top. There is no-one to save me because I don’t need saving. I believe the man I saw was like a spirit guide rooting me on but wanting me to see that I have the strength to carry on. 

Interestingly, I did a tarot pull today from my Modern Witch Tarot Deck and it confirmed some of this dream. I pulled the Eight of Cups, which depicts a person walking away from eight cups, the Page of Wands and the Devil. My interpretation: I’m walking away from this challenging experience in my life and I have a choice. The Page of Wands is all about new adventures and starting a new path while the Devil is about being shackled to the past. It’s up to me — I can let the last two years shackle me down (keep me from reaching the top of the ladder) or be my launch pad (give me the courage to reach the top of the ladder).

I’m choosing the latter. Thanks to the dream and the cards I know I have everything I need to move away from this experience for good and into the next stage of my life. 

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