Overcoming Writer’s Block: Your Spirit Guide Can Help

overcoming writer's block

If you’re a writer or an artist, you may have a special type of spirit guide who is angling to work with you: a creative spirit guide. Read on to learn about a specific type of strategy that can help you communicate with that spiritual helper and lead you on the way to overcoming writer’s block.

If you know anything about spirit guides, you know that different ones work with you on different aspects of your life. One spirit guide might help you with parenting. Another spirit guide might help you with your relationships. Yet another might help you with business. For artists, there are spirit guides that can help them to find and express their unique voice.

In Channeling: What it is and How to do it by Lita de Alberdi, she writes: There is a whole level of guides who are to do with creating things: they create music, art, environments and much more. … People who work in the arts or other creative fields will fall into a reverie; this is when they connect with their creative guides.

Signs you’re communicating with your spirit guide

Have you ever started writing or singing or creating a piece of art only to lose yourself in the process? Maybe you started working and before you know it, you were finished, yet you had no idea how the work of art got there. You might have described the experience as ‘being in the zone.’

If this has ever happened to you, there’s a good chance you were in communication with a creative spirit guide. In a sense, you were the channel as that guide brought through a piece of work that needed to be brought forth in the material world.

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Some writers have even gone on to say that they didn’t create their work, but rather channeled it. Along the same lines if you have been called to write a book or create a piece of work that the world needs and you fail to do it, someone else will be inspired with the idea. That’s why overcoming writer’s block is so important.

How a spirit guide can help with overcoming writer’s block

If you’re reading this and you’re resonating to it, there’s a good chance you know on some level that you’ve been called to create some work of art. Artists know in their bones that there is something burning to come out of them.

Writer’s block is one of the greatest obstacles to that work of art seeing the light of day. As such, your creative spirit guide has every incentive to help you break through it.

To get in touch with your creative spirit guide try the following:

Start or increase meditation

People always say they don’t have time to meditate. An artist who is trying to stay in touch with his or her inner emotions and creative genius can’t afford not to meditate. When you quiet your mind and focus your thoughts, you are better able to hear your inner voice and your spirit guides — including your creative guide. Here’s a trick that helped me become more comfortable with meditating.

Allow yourself to sit with the paper

Some writers say they have writer’s block yet avoid the computer or whatever tool they use to write with. Perhaps the writer’s block is merely caused by the presence of too many other things competing for your attention.

To find out, even if you don’t feel like writing or know what to write, sit in front of an empty computer screen or a piece of paper for fifteen or twenty minutes. If nothing happens, that’s ok. Do the same thing again the next day, and the next day. At some point, you may hear your creative spirit guide whispering words that spring forth from your mind to the screen.

Use automatic writing

Automatic writing is the experience of writing without using the conscious mind, but rather by tuning directly into psychic or spiritual knowledge.

When someone engages in automatic writing, they have no control over what is being put to paper. Instead, they act as a vessel, receiving information directly from spirit — or their spirit guides.

One way to engage in automatic writing is to enter a quiet room, take out pen and piece of paper and start writing with your non-dominant hand. Put a timer on for ten minutes and don’t allow yourself to stop and think. Simply allow your hand to write and don’t stop until the timer goes off. Then, look at what you wrote and you might be surprised by the information that has come through you.

Overcoming writer’s block is not just a benefit to you, but rather it will help you to fulfill your purpose. Why not use all the spiritual tools in your arsenal.

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