How to Speak to the Dead With a Medium’s Help

Have you ever wanted to speak to the dead?

speak to the deadIf you’ve ever lost someone you love, you know that it can be one of the worst pains you ever go through. Not only is the grieving process difficult, but you may feel sad at certain times of the year, such as on holidays or on the anniversary of the person’s death.

It can be even more difficult to get over a loved one’s death if you have unfinished business with them. Say, for example, you never told them you loved them. Or that you were sorry for something. Maybe you wish you could tell them you forgive them for something that happened years ago. Or, perhaps, there was a question you always wanted to know from them. Maybe you never got to find out about a certain family secret. Or you wondered if they were proud of you. Being unable to tell someone something that you want to tell them can be frustrating and can be an obstacle that prevents you from moving forward in your life. But you don’t have to bear that cross. You can learn to speak to the dead.

Who can speak to the dead?

Psychic mediums are people with the unique ability to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side. If you ever saw the movie The Sixth Sense and remember that classic line, “I See Dead People,” you saw through that movie what life can be like for a medium. The hit television show Medium, starring Patricia Arquette also provided good insight into what a medium is able to do.

Psychic mediums speak to the dead on a regular basis. Mediums can either see, hear or sense beings who are no longer on our human plane. Often mediums will get messages from those who have died to give to the living. Sometimes a medium will get information from a dead person about that person’s death. For example, if a person is murdered, that soul may communicate the information to a medium in the hopes of getting justice served against the killer. Spirits also sometimes want to help the loved ones they left behind so they seek out mediums to let their loved ones know something that is important.

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The good news is you don’t have to wait for a loved one who has crossed over to find a way to talk to you. You can, in fact, contact someone on the other side by simply calling a psychic medium up on the phone.  When you speak to a medium, he or she may be able to open up a channel that allows communication between you and beings on the other side.

What to expect from a psychic medium

If you’re hesitant about calling a psychic medium, it may help you to get an idea of what to expect. Here are some of the possibilities:

You may hear from one person or many. Sometimes you’ll hear only from the person you want to speak with. Other times, other family members or friends may come through to let you know they’re around and thinking about you.

You may not hear from the person you expected to hear from. It’s not unusual for someone to visit a psychic medium to speak with a certain dead relative and find that that person isn’t who comes through. Instead a different relative or friend could have a message to give you.

You may learn that your loved ones have been watching you. Often those on the other side will let you know that they saw something going on in your life. For example, a woman who lost her husband always put white lilies on his grave on his birthday. When the woman went to visit a psychic medium, the medium told her that the husband wanted to thank her for the white lilies. The psychic medium had no way of knowing about the woman’s tradition for celebrating her husband’s birthday, so the information let the woman know that her husband was still around and appreciating her.

You may receive a message from someone you didn’t know. Sometimes mediums may even help you communicate with someone you don’t know. For example, a great-grandmother you never met may come through to give you advice about a man you are dating.

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I know of one woman who spoke with a psychic medium on the phone and she told the woman that someone was coming through with the initials of R.C. The woman had no idea who the person was because she didn’t know anyone who had died with the initials of R.C. Yet, the psychic medium told her that the person with the initials of R.C. wanted her to know that there was an important box in the attic of her house. Luckily the woman was not a skeptic. She took the psychic medium’s advice very seriously and she went up into her attic and cleaned it out. Sure enough, she found a dusty little lockbox under some blankets in a windowseat. The woman opened the box and found $5000 in cash, as well as a diary belonging to someone named Rosemary Croften.

The woman who received the message (and the money) never found out who Rosemary Croften was; she assumed that it was a woman who had merely lived in her home before she did. But she was grateful for the money and she knew that Rosemary Croften wanted her to have it.

If you’re ready to speak with a loved one who has recently died — or who may have passed away awhile ago, click here to find several psychics that specialize in working as mediums.  Don’t be miserable because you can’t have a conversation with a loved one. Take action to speak to the dead and find out what your friends and family members in spirit have to say to you and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

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