Parallel lives: Living multiple lifetimes at once

Many of us have heard of and believe in the concept of past lives. However, some experts say we can be living more than one life at the same time. So you could be pursuing a stellar career in one life while being a homemaker raising her children in another at the same exact same time.

It may sound strange but when you consider the fact that ‘time’ is a human construct that helps us to organize our lives, it becomes a little more understandable.

In fact, many believe that our current lives, our past lives and our future lives are all taking place simultaneously. Consider this: Your past life in the 1800s is taking place at this very moment, as your current life and your future life in 2121 all progress. So many mind-boggling questions come with that theory. For example, if a major trauma rocks your world in a past life, do you suddenly feel the effects in your current life? Can an event in a future life change the circumstances of a current life? Of course even the words ‘past,’ ‘current’ and ‘future’ have little meaning in a world that negates the reality of time.

So how can your higher self access more than one body at a time? There is a belief that the higher self, or oversoul, can access as many bodies as it wants to. And why would it want to access more than one body?

The purpose of living is to learn lessons and evolve. Your oversoul wants you to live, learn and evolve. Each lifetime has its own set of lessons, so if your soul is able to incarnate in multiple bodies at once it gets the benefit of learning more lessons and evolving further and faster.

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For example, your higher self might be focused on lessons related to parenting. In one life,  you may have many children and raise them as a single parent. In another life you might be focused on the flip side of the equation by living a life in which you yearn for children but are unable to have them. In yet another life, you may be living a life in which you choose not to have children because you have no desire to. In yet another life, you may become a parent through the adoption process.

By incarnating in all of these lives at the same time, the oversoul has the opportunity to gain all of those different perspectives about what it means to be a parent.

Then at another point, your higher self may move onto a different subject entirely and you may choose a series of lives that explore that subject in depth. When you look at life from that perspective, you quickly realize that there is no good and bad. There are simply different perspectives that are designed to shed light on all of the various aspects of life.

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