Fertility problems? A past life may be to blame

past life fertility problemsIf you’ve ever considered getting a past life regression, try this reason on for size. Past life events could have imprinted themselves on your soul so much that they are affecting your current life. If you’re part of a couple who has suffered with fertility problems, a past life could be to blame.

Whenever we experience trauma, we experience it on a physical level as well as a soul level. If we don’t reconcile our feelings about a trauma, they often impact us on a subconscious level. When something affects us subconsciously, we act without having an understanding of why we’re doing the things that we do. We often feel like we have no control over our actions.

While there are many different causes for fertility problems, for some couples there is no physical explanation for their inability to get pregnant. Have you ever heard stories of couples who tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for years, and finally decided to adopt. Once they adopted and the anxiety surrounding getting pregnant had passed, they unexpectedly became pregnant. In such cases, it likely wasn’t a physical problem keeping them from conceiving, but rather an emotional or spiritual problem.

When it comes to past lives, we may have had an experience in a past life that caused our soul to reject the notion of having children in this lifetime. You may think you want to  have children, but subconsciously, the past life experience could be overriding the desires of your logical mind. After all, your subconscious desires always have a greater impact on your life than your conscious desires.

So  what types of past life events could cause fertility problems?

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You may have lost a child in a previous time. Grief is a powerful emotion, and if grief is repressed or left to fester, it can affect us in many ways. If you never got over the death of a child in a past life, you may have chosen to avoid getting pregnant for fear of going through such pain again. As a result, you may experience fertility problems.

You may feel guilty about your role as a parent in a past life. Guilt is another major motivator. What if you believe you failed your child in a past life or caused that child harm? A reaction to such feelings could cause you to blame yourself and avoid getting pregnant so you don’t cause harm again.

You may have had too many children to take care of. What if you had a large family and you were unable to adequately provide for all of your children in a past life? Such  an experience could have caused your soul to decide to take a break this time around to focus on other aspects of your life.

You may have been impregnated unwillingly. If you were raped and forced to give birth unwillingly, the experience could have scarred you so much that you subconsciously prevent childbirth from happening again.

You may have died in childbirth. If your life ended suddenly and traumatically while giving birth, you may have resolved on a soul level to avoid going through the experience again.

If a past life experience is affecting your ability to get pregnant, there is good news. When we learn about past lives and discover how they are impacting us, they lose their power .When we’re unaware of them, they stay in the subconscious mind, but when we learn about them, we bring them into the light of the conscious mind. At that point, we can tell ourselves that those experiences are no longer a part of our current reality. You don’t have to remain in the grip of past life experiences. They don’t have to control you and you can begin to make different choices in this lifetime.

To work with your past lives, set the intention to receive clarity about how past life events may be impacting you. If you have a strong feeling that something traumatic happened in a past life, pay attention to it and don’t discard it. Also pay attention to dreams because past life memories often make themselves known in our dream worlds. You might also reach out to a past life regression therapist who can walk you through the process of connecting to past life memories.

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