Past Life Vows: How to Break Free

If you’ve ever made a vow to yourself that you would never take a particular action again, you know how powerful such a pronouncement can be. But did you know a vow can even carry over from one lifetime to the next? Past life vows can, in fact, be very powerful.

Sometimes we have an experience that is so painful or scary that we promise ourselves we will never go through it again.

Maybe an abusive relationship prompted you to swear off marriage forever. Or perhaps greed tore your family apart and you told yourself money was the root of all evil and you washed your hands of it forever. Or maybe you were a healer in a past life and you were punished or even killed for your beliefs and before your death you promised yourself you would never openly practice your spirituality again.

In moments of strong emotion, we can inadvertently create a vow that not only lasts the rest of our current lifetime but that continues in future lifetimes as well.

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Vows are often steeped in emotion

So how can a past life vow affect you today?

That vow in a past lifetime to never marry again could cause you to choose non-committal partners in this one. Or the vow of poverty you took in a past lifetime could be the root of your credit card debt today.

“Past life vows are driven by lower frequency emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and resentment,” says Josephine Hardman, PhD, an intuitive business strategist and certified Akashic Records Trainer. Hardman has worked with clients to identify past life vows and clear them out so they no longer have such a huge impact on their current lives.

A search in your Akashic Record would yield evidence of past life vows and contracts, Hardman says. In essence, “we can go into our Akashic Record and revoke the contract and put a new intentional contract in place – one that expresses what we want to experience now,” Hardman adds.

Past life vows vs soul level agreements

Past life vows are different from soul level agreements that we make between lifetimes, Hardman explains. Soul level agreements come from a conscious place and they have to do with lessons we want to learn in a particular lifetime.

For example, we might make a soul level contract with a soulmate to learn patience in our next lifetime so when we reincarnate, we have a multitude of experiences with that soulmate that force us to be patient.

Soul-level contracts are those we come up with for our own good. They tend to help us evolve. However, past life vows typically are reactions to circumstances in our lives that serve to frustrate us and keep us from our higher good if we don’t reverse their patterns.

How to release past life contracts

So what can someone do if they believe they are suffering the consequences of a past life vow and they want to change it?

“If the person is feeling like they need outside assistance with this, I’d say get a reading from a certified Akashic Records reader,” says Hardman. “They will know about past life contracts and how to clear them out.”

You can also get training yourself on how to access and read the Akashic Records – something Hardman trains others to do. “I teach people how to read the records for themselves or how to read other people’s records if they want to do it as a business,” she says.

Hardman has a specific process  she uses for helping clients clear out past life contracts and patterns where they identify the vow they want to replace, get clear on the terms of the contract made in the past life and perform a ritual to release the vow and replace it with a new one. Another ritual is performed to activate the new ritual.

Once that happens, a person’s Akashic Record is updated and the past life vow is cleared out across all lifetimes. “That’s why we say we’re actually changing the past and future lifetimes and you are not going to have to deal with this again,” Hardman says.

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