Places most likely to be haunted

While the idea of ghost-hunting might seem scary or even crazy to some people, those who are drawn to psychic phenomena might consider it to be grand adventure. Not only are the stories behind the hauntings often fascinating, but ghost stories give us an opportunity to acknowledge how thin the veil between the living and the dead actually is.

People who have strong psychic abilities are often more sensitive to things of a paranormal nature and may even be able to sense the presence of ghosts easier than others.

A ghost can literally be anywhere, and many people report ghostly encounters in their homes, workplaces or churches. However, if your goal is to locate as many ghosts as possible, there are some places that are more prone to ghostly activity than others. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.
  1. Old, historic locations. The older a place is, the more likely it is to be haunted. The reason is simple. More people have lived — and died — there, and with higher numbers, you’re more likely to have spirits who were not able or ready to get to the other side. You will often find ghost tours in cities that are very old and have a lot of history — and haunted history.
  2. Places where many people naturally die. Think hospitals and battlefields, both of which are notorious for having a lot of ghosts around. I’ve heard stories of psychics and mediums who hate to walk into hospitals because they are immediately accosted by spirits who sense that the psychic can see them.  There are also fascinating stories of battlefields where people have literally seen images of battles being recreated.
  3. Places where a traumatic incident occurred. One of the most common reasons a person becomes a ghost rather than moving immediately to the other side is because the person doesn’t realize he or she has died. When death comes suddenly, that has been known to happen. If you know of a location where there was a sudden cause of death, such as an explosion, you might have casualties who still believe they are alive, and as a result, haunt the premises.
  4. Places where a murder or violent death took place. Violence and murder can leave a spirit angry, and the strong emotion of anger can keep someone tied to the Earthly plane rather than moving on to the spirit world. Whether a spirit is sticking around out of a desire to get revenge or simply because he or she can’t relax and move into the light, if there was a murder there could be a restless spirit hanging around.