Powerball winner says numbers came in a dream

If you need any motivation to pay attention to your intuition and your dreams (or even to write down those dreams in a dream journal), you might get that kick in the pants when you hear about the Smith family who won a $429 million Powerball prize. The family matriarch and her seven adult children will split the Powerball prize.

What’s most interesting is the way they say they came up with the numbers. One of the family members came up with those numbers through a dream, according to NJ.com. Not only that,┬ábut┬áthe family member remembered the numbers and took action.

How many of us have dreams only to forget what they are? Or we might wake up and recall fragments of a dream but quickly get lost in the business of the day ahead.

Even if your dreams don’t provide you with winning lottery numbers, there are messages that your subconscious would like for you to learn. If you dream about winning the lottery, the lottery dream interpretation could also be giving you a message about abundance in areas other than money.

You can work more effectively with your dreams by setting the intention to remember them, writing down what you remember from your dreams the minute you wake up, and taking action when you believe you understand what a dream is saying to you. All dreams are not psychic dreams, but by recording your impressions, you’ll eventually learn how to recognize a dream that you would be better served paying attention to.

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