Predictions for Mercury Retrograde

As we posted yesterday, Mercury is in retrograde again. Between September 17, 2015 and October 9, 2015, don’t be surprised if your communications with people and some business matters are in disarray. This is not the time to sign contracts, make major purchases, make major decisions or be impulsive. Also, think carefully before you speak and give people the benefit of the doubt if they say something that offends you since there are often many miscommunications and delays during Mercury Retrograde.

It’s always fun to look at psychic predictions and astrologer Larry Schwimmer has come up with some big ones that he says will take place during Mercury Retrograde. Schwimmer is an astrologer and business consultant who has advised Fortune 500 executives for the last three decades.

Schwimmer made predictions for three areas in an article he wrote for Huffington Post.

When it comes to personal relationships, Schwimmer predicted that many people will make up or break up at this time. Interestingly he notes, “neither will last if they occur during the retrograde because it’s the wrong time to make well thought decisions about such matters.” (So if you’re thinking about getting together with someone — or breaking up for that matter — do yourself a favor and wait until next month).

Interestingly, Schwimmer also discussed financial turmoil. He said that there may be a huge stock market decline and that the retrograde is not a good time to be making financial decisions especially about your investments. Could the Federal Reserve have been taking that into consideration when on September 17, 2015 they announced that they would delay an expected interest rate hike for at least another month?

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Schwimmer also predicts political upheaval to take place during Mercury Retrograde. He predicts that the Iran nuclear deal will be contested, and he also predicts a major gaffe by a Republican or Democrat in the United States.

When you consider the fact that communication tends to go haywire during Mercury Retrograde, that’s a pretty good bet. In fact, Schwimmer pointed out that former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s infamous gaffe during the 2012 election cycle (remember the ‘oops’ moment when he couldn’t remember the third government agency he would shut down? If you can’t remember, here’s the video.)

According to Schwimmer, look for someone to make a major misstep and to say something they didn’t mean to say. Too bad the candidates can’t afford to take a three-week media break until Mercury Retrograde is over.

It seems challenging for the United States Congress to come to an agreement in the best of circumstances, so with a possible government shutdown over Planned Parenthood and the Iran deal still generating its share of controversy, it will be interesting to see what role Mercury Retrograde ends up playing this month. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.