Swipe left, swipe right: Using psychic ability when online dating

online dating psychicIf you depend on your intuition to make decisions, you likely prefer face-to-face meetings than meeting online and over the phone. After all, when you meet someone in person, you can feel that person’s energy, and you can get an idea of whether there is real chemistry or not. So if you’ve decided to try online dating, you may feel like you are at a disadvantage. After all, it’s hard to tell whether there is actual chemistry just by browsing through online profiles.

But your psychic ability  can be tapped when you’re dating online. In fact, your intuition can help you make better choices in all decisions that you make if you learn how to recognize it. Not sure how to get your intuition involved in your online dating life? Consider the following tips.

Set intention to be guided by intuition. Intention should be at the heart of everything that you do. When you decide to pursue online dating, set the intention that you be guided when selecting your matches. You might also call on your Spirit Guides for help. We often think Spirit Guides are only there for the ‘big things,’ but if attracting a healthy relationship is important to you, it will be important to your Spirit Guides as well.

Calm your mind before checking your matches. Intuition works when our minds are calm, so find a way to get rid of mental chatter before you check your matches. While online dating apps make it easy to check potential matches on the go, that’s not the best way to approach it if you want the guidance of your higher self. Take a few deep breaths or do something else that makes you relax. You might even find that you have better results if you meditate for five minutes before checking your online matches.

Note first impressions.  When you browse your matches, what catches your eye? When you read descriptions, what words jump out at you? Notice what you notice. Trust your first instincts and take action before you can talk yourself out of something. That might mean that you communicate with someone who does not fit your logical criteria, or who you would not normally date. See where it goes.

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Note your patterns, then ignore them. Most of us have patterns when it comes to dating, and those patterns tend to be based on past wounds and logic.  This is where journaling can come in. Journal about your thoughts on dating and you’ll start to see the patterns you’ve followed in the past. When you notice them while you’re dating online, ignore them and instead put more attention on the hunches you get and follow the energy.

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