Psychic claims communication with Paul Walker

I’m all for psychics and other lightworkers and spiritual business owners publicizing their business services. After all, I write for a site that caters to lightworkers who are trying to grow their businesses.  But this story just seemed a little icky to me.

A psychic who calls herself Divine posted on her blog that she was upset when she heard about Paul Walker’s death. She describes how she asked Paul to show her what happened in the accident and describes how she dreamed of a man with dark hair telling her that he didn’t do it. She later realized that the man she saw in her dream was Roger Rodas, the man who was in the car with Walker when the accident took place. She said that Roger and Paul asked her to tell the world that it was an accident and there was no carelessness involved on the part of either man. She also goes on to say that they’ve had many conversations since but she doesn’t care to divulge what was discussed.  You can read her entire account here.

I’m not saying this didn’t happen. It’s certainly plausible. I have seen psychics provide information that could not have come from anywhere other than the heart and soul of someone who has passed over to the other side. What makes it icky to me is the impact this could have on the families of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas who might be Googling something one day and happen upon the post and wonder why their loved one communicated with this stranger rather than with them. I wondered if there might have been a way to get this information to them rather than sharing it immediately with the world.   If you’ve ever seen mediums like Lisa Williams (Check out her series Lisa Williams: My Life Among the Dead: Season One [Region 4]), you can see how valuable it can be for a psychic medium to share messages from loved ones who have crossed over. It just has to be done with taste. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.