Psychic connections between twins

I’ve always been fascinated by twins, perhaps because I’m interested in the psychic link or the bond that they tend to have. Twins often talk about how they can repeat each other’s sentences or one can automatically know if the other one is in trouble.

In fact, psychic connections between twins have not only been recorded, but have also been reported to be uniquely stronger and stranger than many other psychic connections known today.
|Telepathy is the ability of one person to be able to sense the thoughts of another person, and tell whatever they are thinking about without them talking to one another. It can also be defined as a unique way or ability of a person to be able to transfer a thought or a series of thoughts from one person to another person. In this case, the person sending the thought is normally referred to as the agent, while the person receiving the thought or series of thoughts, is normally referred to as the percipient.

Many have attempted to explain the reason why this is so through a variety of esoteric truths, but due to the fact that different levels of understanding exist on this subject, opinions have always differed. There is a general consensus however, that this phenomenon actually happens between those twins who are gifted with psychic abilities or this form of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Twins with psychic connections

There is no shortage of stories about twins who not only could sense each other’s thoughts, but who shared other experiences.

There are numerous cases of twin sisters who both had contractions when only one of them was giving birth, or twins who both hurt themselves the same way when only one of them was distressed or got into an accident.

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There are also cases of twins who’ve been separated at birth or even for decades but upon reuniting, found out that they got married on the same day and even had children of the same sex and gave them the same first names. However, it has often been noted that the majority of these cases occur between identical twins rather than fraternal twins; and uniquely enough, identical twins are formed in the womb when one fertilized egg splits into two, meaning that the twins are definitely a part of each other. It’s definite that psychic connections between twins is a marvel of its own and further research should still be done to unravel the real truth behind these mysteries. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.