Psychic Energy Overload: How to Protect Yourself

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One mistake some people make when they first start to open up to their psychic abilities is they do too much too fast and overwhelm their systems with psychic energy. After all, it’s easy to become excited when you first start to learn about psychic abilities and realize that you have them. However, moving too fast and failing to learn some basic psychic protection techniques can harm you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The first time I visited a mediumship circle, I made the mistake of opening myself to the experience without first grounding myself or cleansing my energy afterwords. Since this was not a beginner’s class and the other participants met regularly to raise their energy and connect with spirits, there was an assumption that everyone there knew what they were doing. As a result, there were no instructions about basic self-care and protecting yourself from a sudden influx of psychic energy.

When the circle went into meditation in order to raise our energy, I felt a tingling in my hands. After some time I felt my hands beginning to go numb. In a matter of minutes, I could not feel my hands at all.

What happens when we raise our energy

The instructor later explained to me that when we raise our energy, we begin to detach from our physical bodies. With practice and in time, some mediums actually manage to disconnect completely. As we detach, we may feel tingling, numbess and eventually a disconnection from the body entirely.

In total, we went into meditation to connect with spirits three times that evening. Over the course of the night, I connected with the deceased pet of one of the other circle participants and experienced physical sensations and visions that let me know that I had connected to two other beings. (Since I was a beginner at the time, my abilities weren’t that strong and I wasn’t yet able to make out other aspects of who those beings were.)

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That night, I felt great. The experience excited me. I committed to going back to strengthen my abilities. Then, the next day, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. The feeling was comparable to that of a hangover — though I wasn’t drunk. It could also be likened to the feeling one gets from the flu — but I wasn’t sick. Instead, I had literally allowed my energy to be drained from my body by whatever spirits I had been able to connect to.

Signs of too much psychic energy

Psychic abilities have a purpose, but yes, you can have too much of any good thing.

The next day I realized I had made a mistake when I was telling a friend about the experience and how bad I felt now that it was the next day. This friend, a professional psychic, knew very well the energy drain that can come from engaging in psychic activity. When she asked me if I had cleansed my energy after the experience, I realized where I had gone wrong.

If you’re wondering what the signs of psychic energy overload are, here are a few:

  • Feeling drained
  • Feeling spacey or out of your head/body
  • Cloudy thinking
  • Nausea or a general feeling of malaise
  • Feeling mentally and physically exhausted
  • Headache
  • Eye ache
  • Body chills
  • Feeling faint
  • Flushed skin
  • Skin sensitivity

Nobody wants to go through all of that if they don’t have to. That’s when I did some research and committed to taking better care of myself next time.

How to ground yourself before psychic activity

If you know you’re going to be engaging in psychic activity — whether you plan to do mediumship work, engage in telepathy or some other psychic art, there are a number of techniques you might try to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the influx of energy that comes with all psychic activity. You might find that one or more techniques work better than others so be open to experimenting to see what gives you the greatest results.

Before I go into some grounding exercises, let me explain what grounding is, and why it is so important. Grounding is a process in which you establish and re-affirm your connection to the physical world that we all live in. This is so important because when we do psychic work, we are focused on the non-physical world. Grounding ourselves helps us to reach out to the metaphysical world while still maintaining our connection to the world we have to live in. It can help us to avoid becoming overwhelmed by energy from our psychic activities. Here are some grounding techniques you can try.


Clearing your mind and becoming clear about what you are trying to do can go a long way toward helping you to stay grounded during psychic work. Set the intention that you have an experience that is comfortable for your body to handle. Contrary to what some people believe, you have some level of control over your psychic experiences. Use it.

Hold onto certain crystals

Certain crystals have grounding properties. By holding onto them while meditating or when you’re doing your psychic work, you may find it easier to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the energy of the experience. Some of my favorite grounding crystals include hematite, carnelian and garnet. Other crystals known for grounding you include obsidian and smoky quartz.

Use grounding oil

Some people like crystals; others like essential oils. I happen to like both. If you like using oils, a grounding oil can do wonders when you’re dabbling in psychic work. Just put a little bit on your wrists before engaging in your psychic work and it can help you avoid becoming overwhelmed.
Vetiver and Cedarwood Atlas are good essential oils for grounding. Or you might try a blend that’s specially mixed for grounding.

Use a Gatekeeper

The concept of Gateworker spirit guides can be very helpful to understand if you are going to be engaging in any kind of psychic activity. A Gatekeeper is a type of spirit guide that helps to protect you. When it comes to psychic work, a gatekeeper can limit who or what can connect with you on a psychic level.

If you’re just learning how to use your psychic abilities, it’s easy to find yourself too open to the energies at hand. For example, a friend who was just beginning to work with his mediumship abilities found himself unable to sleep at night because he was constantly being awakened by those on the other side that sensed an open connection. My friend had to learn to call on a Gatekeeper spirit guide to keep set boundaries on when those in the spirit world could get in touch with him. To connect with your own Gatekeeper spirit guide, go into meditation and simply ask your Gatekeeper to reach out to you.

Try this meditation MP3 that is designed to help you connect with your spirit guides.

If you’re interested in learning more about spirit guides and how to reach out to your Gatekeeper spirit guide or any other spirit guides for that matter, check out this program for connecting with your Spirit Guides.

How to cleanse your energy after psychic activity

Just as it’s important to ground yourself before doing psychic and mediumship work, it’s important to do some cleansing after the fact. Again, you are dealing with a lot of energy. When you are finished, make sure that excess energy leaves you. Otherwise you may end up carrying it around with you. It can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed like I was feeling the day after my first mediumship experience.

Do a psychic cleansing visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool. If you’ve done Law of Attraction work, you likely know that our beliefs can and do affect our experiences. With a psychic cleaning visualization, you want to make sure you’ve left the psychic activity — and all of the energy it conjured up — behind you. Visualize yourself standing underneath a waterfall. As the water falls over you, it washes your aura and clears away any excess energy from your psychic work.

psychic energy

Take a real-world shower

While visualizing a shower of water cleansing you, why not get the relaxing effects of a real-world shower if you have the time and opportunity. As you cleanse your body, set the intention that the shower also serves to cleanse your aura of any excess energies that you are carrying with you from the psychic work you have recently done.

Take a bath in salt water

A salt-water bath can relieve your body and aura of negativity. (Where do you think the idea came from to soak in Epsom Salt when you’re intending to eliminate pain?) Some even suggest making salt water baths a regular ritual, taking one once a month. To get the benefits, fill the tub with warm water and add a couple of handfuls of sea salt. (Avoid usig table salt because it’s typically refined, meaning the minerals you want to use have been eliminated). Soak in the water and set the intention that all negativity and excess water leave your body. After I take a salt water bath, I like to stand up and then run the shower over me to make sure all negativity is washed away.

Eat heavy foods

I’m adding this to the list because it works — at least it does for me, as well as others I know. If I need grounding fast, comfort foods can help to bring me back to earth. However, if you’re going to be doing psychic work on a regualar basis, I’d suggest trying some of the other strategies that are listed here. If you’re going to be using junk food to bring yourself down from a psychic experience on a regualar basis, you’ll be damaging your health and that’s just not work the cost.

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