No matter what you’re going through in life, there is likely a crystal that can help you through it.

Have you ever had a person in your life who was so stable and steady that you turned to them whenever your emotions were out of whack? If you understand astrology, these would be your Earth signs, those consistent people who aren’t driven by highs and lows but rather seem to stay on an even keel. When you’re jittery or anxious, this person calms you. When you’re low or depressed, being around them makes you feel better. Their steady vibe helps you to get your vibe back under control.

A crystal is similar to that type of friend.

What are crystals

Crystals are solid materials that have one special quality: Their molecules are arranged in fixed, repeating geometric patterns. Two different samples of the same crystal can vary in size or shape, yet they would have the exact same internal structure if you were to examine each crystal’s molecules underneath a microscope.

Like everything in the Universe, crystals have energy fields that vibrate. However, because the molecules that make up crystals are organized in those fixed repeating patterns, the energy field of a crystal is quite steady, meaning its vibration doesn’t easily move up and down.

Which is exactly the opposite of what happens with people. Our energy fields are very easily influenced meaning outside occurrences and our own emotions raise and lower our vibes all the time.

  • If we have a bad day, our vibration may fall.
  • If someone compliments us, our vibration may rise.
  • If we’re overworked or stressed out, our vibration is likely to be lower than if we’re rested or meditating.

How crystal healing works

Holding onto a steady vibration can be tough. Sure meditation can help, but few of us are able to meditate 24 hours a day. However, crystals can influence our energy fields and help us to raise or lower our vibrations so that we’re operating energetically from the place we want to be.

You’ll notice when working with different crystals that some may cause you to feel more relaxed while others might give you an energetic boost. Some may appear to be working beneath the surface. For example a rose quartz crystal may be sending healing energy to your heart chakra, which makes you a vibrational match for love.

Why work with crystals

Working with crystals can bring healing into your life or help you to manifest love, money or something else you may be desiring. Some crystals are protective in nature; carrying them repels negative energy and negative circumstances.

As you learn about crystals, you’ll discover which ones you work best with. You may find that that changes over time. We may be drawn to work with certain crystals at one point in our lives and other crystals at another point.

The crystals we work with may also depend on our current goals. For example, if we want to improve our money situation, we may want to work with citrine.

Learning to work with crystals can give you more of a sense of control over your life and help you manifest things that have eluded you. Here’s where to start your eductation.

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