Psychic Medium Symptoms: Signs Your Abilities Are Growing

Are you a budding psychic medium? Certain psychic medium symptoms and signs can give you a clue. Can you relate to the movie The Sixth Sense? Many people don’t seek to become psychic mediums; rather they realize that they are psychic mediums. If you are a medium, meaning you have the ability to communicate with spirits and those entities that are in other realms, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to experience your abilities.

psychic mediumDiscovering how to use your intuition can arguably be less intimidating. You may ‘know’ things or get sudden insights that come true. Somehow, that’s not as intimidating as having someone try to contact you in supernatural ways.

Signs your psychic medium skills are growing

So what are some signs that your psychic medium skills are getting stronger?

You may start to have dreams in which entities try to contact you. A friend of mine who has natural medium capabilities had a dream of herself laying on a couch and several young children crowding around her. While the children didn’t scare her, another element of the dream did leave her frightened. She heard footsteps approaching and felt as if the energy surrounding the footsteps was not very friendly. She woke up uneasy, yet certain that the dream was more than a dream. She felt instinctively that she was literally communicating with those people in the dream. And she also wondered if they were even people in the sense that we know people to be.

You may feel entities touch you. Have you ever felt like sometime touched or pulled your hair? It’s not unusual for people with psychic medium skills to feel someone touch them or make some type of physical contact. You also might notice a drop in temperature when a spirit is around. Psychic mediums not only can communicate with spirits, but they can often feel physical sensations when spirits are making contact with them.

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You may see spirits in your minds eye or hear them speaking in your mind. Psychic mediums have the gift of being able to communicate with beings that have passed on to other dimensions. That includes dead people, but it also could include spirit guides and angels. If you’re getting messages from an entity and those messages are becoming more frequent then your psychic medium skills are growing.

Are you afraid of your psychic abilities?

It’s one thing to watch Theresa Caputo on Long Island Medium. It’s another thing entirely to have spirits come up to you trying to get your attention. You may have all kinds of questions about what you are experiencing. Are you communicating with a spirit that is evil? (I say the answer is no. Evil is based on fear; we can choose to live in a love-based world.)

psychic mediumYou may also wonder if you are going crazy or making the experience up. That’s actually a common fear that people experience when their psychic abilities are awakening.

Many people have trouble turning their medium capabilities off. They find that they are constantly being approached by spirits who realize that they can see them. It may even be fun sometimes, but who wants to be awakened in the middle of the night to find a spirit sitting on your bed wanting to have a conversation?

Some may stay away from certain locations where they are more likely to encounter spirits. Places that have been the scene of many deaths, such as hospitals, cemeteries and battlegrounds, for example, can be tough for psychic mediums to be around.

There’s another type of fear that many psychic mediums face. Some people may fear what their loved ones will think of them if they share that they can communicate with dead people. It can seriously freak someone out. I have a friend who is afraid to tell her husband that she can communicate with spirits because she is concerned about what he would think about her.

Ways to enhance your psychic medium skills

Hopefully you decide to embrace your life as a psychic medium. It’s always better to embrace your true self than to resist it. If you want to strengthen your psychic medium skills, consider the following tips:

State your intention.

Few things are as powerful as intention. If you want to know how powerful you are, write down intentions every day and watch how your life unfolds to make them happen. State your intention to embrace your psychic medium abilities.

Learn from others’ experiences.

Is there a class that you can take on embracing your skills as a psychic medium? You can learn from the experience of someone who has gone through what you are currently going through. John Holland offers one, which could be helpful.

Meditate more regularly.

One of the best things you can do if you’re trying to strengthen your psychic abilities is to meditate. The more you learn how to quiet your mind, the more likely you’ll recognize psychic activity around you.

We are all born with psychic ability of some type. If you are a budding psychic medium, be proud of your abilities and nurture them. You may even decide to explore a career related to your psychic abilities. They are truly a gift. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.