How to Do a Psychic Reading on Yourself: My Daily Technique

While it can be exciting to get psychic hits here and there, what’s the point of having psychic ability if you can’t apply it to your life? I’m not talking about getting an insight every few months or so. I’m talking about taking advantage of psychic insights every day of your life. The reason I worked so hard to strengthen my intuition in the first place is because I wanted to be able to use it before making major (and not so major) decisions in my life. One of the biggest questions I get from people is how to do a psychic reading on yourself.

One thing I’ve started doing is using Tarot Cards on a daily basis. I give myself a mini-reading each morning and pay attention to the messages I get. I’m always amazed at how accurate my daily mini-readings have turned out to be.

You don’t need to know how to read Tarot Cards to do this; in fact, this exercise will help you to learn how to read Tarot Cards on your own.

To do this mini exercise all you need is a Tarot Card deck. When shopping for a Tarot Deck go for the one that you feel drawn to. There are so many different types of decks, and the one that your eye is drawn to is the one that your intuition wants to work with. One of my personal favorite decks is the Tarot of the Witches Deck.

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You might even decide to get a used Tarot Card deck. Some people say used decks carry extra energy for you to work with.

How to Do A Psychic Reading On Yourself

How to Do a Psychic Reading on Yourself
My three-card mini spread. To see my interpretation of my reading, click here.

So how do you do your own daily mini Tarot reading? Go to a place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. If you have an alter in your home, that’s a good place to do this. Here are some other tips for creating a safe and magical space.  If you don’t have an alter set up, just make sure it’s a place where you feel comfortable.

Set the intention to get insight into the current day. You might ask your Spirit Guides or simply ask the Universe to reveal to you what you need to know. Select three cards and lay them out in front of you.

Take note of the thoughts and feelings that come to you. Even if you don’t think you know what you’re doing, note what comes to your mind. You might even take a few notes about what you think the three cards are trying to tell you.

When you’re finished, say a brief prayer of appreciation, thanking your Spirit Guides or the Universe for providing the insights. Leave the cards out somewhere where they won’t be disturbed.

At the end of the day, look at the three cards again. This time, you’re looking at them after your day is over, so you now know what has transpired in your day. When doing this, you might realize that you got the message wrong, and you might see how the three cards actually did give you insight into the day.

When you first start doing this exercise, you don’t even have to act on the information that you get. In the beginning you want to just build your confidence in giving yourself mini-readings. You’ll start to recognize that certain cards seem to signify certain things so it will become easier and easier for you to do mini-readings for yourself. Eventually, you’ll know the cards so well that you’ll have the confidence to act on the insights that you get in the morning.

I’ve gotten insights during morning readings that have helped me determine what to do during my day and what to put off for another time. I’ve also gotten heads ups when I was about to meet someone important in my life. Taking the time to do mini readings for myself has been an invaluable experience.

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