Ready for a shakeup? 5 Planets in Retrograde

And you thought Mercury Retrograde was bad. Many of us dread Mercury Retrograde because it often brings about slowdowns, setbacks and missed communications. It’s a time to take things cautiously, and if you can avoid making major purchases or signing important legal contracts until after it’s over, do so. This latest Mercury Retrograde runs from April 28, 2016 through May 22, 2016.

However for the first time in a decade, five planets are currently in Retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. As each of these planets correspond with different aspects of our lives, that’s bound to cause some pretty big disruptions.

First, let’s discuss what it means when a planet goes into retrograde. When a planet goes into retrograde, it appears to be moving backward because of its position relative to the Earth in the sky. (It’s not really moving backward; it just looks like it is). Likewise, the areas of our lives that correspond with that particular planet may also appear to slow down or things may seem upside down.

The planet Mars represents physical expression, action, and assertiveness. It also represents strong emotions such as anger, competitiveness and desire. When Mars is in retrograde you may find yourself overwhelmed by emotions. You may need to give yourself another outlet to vent your frustrations. Journal anyone?  Also, understand that others around you may be repressing emotions or having a difficult time being direct so tread cautiously. Mars Retrograde runs from April 17, 2016 through June 29, 2016.

Jupiter rules your personal growth and expansion. When it’s in retrograde, you may feel stuck or unable to deal with personal challenges the way you normally do. That optimistic nature you have may be harder to conjure up. Jupiter is also associated with good luck, so you may feel like good things are just beyond your reach. (But trust that they are coming ). Jupiter first went into retrograde January 7, 2016 and will be in retrograde until May 9, 2016.

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Saturn rules Karma or the belief that we reap what we sow. When we put good things out there, good things come back. And vice-versa. When Saturn is in retrograde, we may feel like all of the good that we are putting out there is not making a difference. We may feel frustrated. We may feel like we’re not getting what we deserve. Trust that this is an illusion. Saturn went into retrograde March 26, 2016 and will be there until August 13, 2016.

Pluto is all about love and relationships. When it’s in retrograde, you may not feel the love from that significant other or those around you. However, you can flip the switch and focus on loving yourself. With all of this astrological madness going on, it’s actually a very good time to shower yourself with more self-love than usual. Pluto went into retrograde April 18, 2016 and will be there until September 26, 2016.

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