Reasons an enemy may have returned from a past life

Just as your loved ones may have shared past lives with you, those who you consider to be enemies could have also reincarnated once again to spend some time with you in this lifetime. Why would an enemy return from a past life to be a thorn in your side again? There are a number of reasons. Consider the following.

1. There are no real enemies. Everyone in your life is there to teach you a lesson. Every challenging experience that you go through has something to offer you. If you think back over your life and are honest, you will likely find that the times in which you have grown the most were times that were challenging. One of the best ways to learn major life lessons is to be challenged by tough times.

Say one of your major life lessons is to learn how to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. You will never learn this lesson if everyone in your life respects your boundaries. But if someone — say a boss — pushes you and pushes you and makes your life miserable, you will eventually erupt and do what you must do to set better boundaries. While your first thought may be to consider that boss to be an enemy, he or she may have actually been one of your greatest teachers.

2. Karma can be a *. Sometimes your perceived enemies return from previous lifetimes to right a wrong or allow you to right a wrong. The principle of Karma tells us that every action has a reaction. We don’t do things in an abyss. Things we do come back to us. If there was an energy exchange between the two of you in a previous lifetime that created unfinished business, it’s possible that you two may be given another chance to get it right this time.

Whenever you have perceived enemies, look for the lesson and the opportunity for both of you to grow past the situation.

3. Friends can be enemies can be friends. There’s a show on the ID Channel about frenemies, people who were friends but turned into major enemies. In life, relationships grow and change. Someone who is a friend today could be an enemy tomorrow. When it come to reincarnation, someone that was a spouse in a past life could be a child in a current life or an enemy in a future life.

That’s another reason why you should look kindly upon your enemies. In a past life that could have been your best friend. Behind every enemy is a good person if you take the time to find it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.