Should you tell a loved one about a psychic prediction?

As you start to develop your psychic ability, it’s common for you to start to pick up psychic information about those around you. You may sense that a loved one is lying to you when they smile and say everything is ok. Or you may feel instinctively that a certain job or relationship is the right thing for a particular person in your life. But when you pick up such information about a person, should you tell them?

Well it depends.

Sometimes you are being given information because you are more receptive to psychic information than the person who the information is about. Perhaps that person’s Spirit Guides are calling on you to be somewhat of a messenger to the person and provide the advice that he or she needs. But other times, you simply may be getting the information because your psychic ability is heightened and it’s able to capture what’s really going on with your loved one.

In order to discern what you should do, it’s a good idea to ask your Spirit Guides if the information is something that should be shared. Ask for a sign and then be open to what happens around you so you can identify that sign once it shows up. It’s important to know that sometimes hardships or perceived failures that people go through are necessary for a soul’s development. So you could see a hardship coming toward a person you love and want to shield them from it. That’s not always the best choice because it might be in that person’s best interest to go through the hardship as it may help them to achieve something even greater that they want.

Many people who have strong psychic powers find it difficult to know about hardships that others will face. Again, understand that the term ‘hardship’ is relative. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll likely find that some of the most difficult times in your life were the times that led to the greatest personal growth.

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If you get a psychic prediction about something that the person can do nothing about, it’s probably not a good idea to say anything. If you do decide that you want to tell the person about your psychic prediction, be careful how you tell them. You might offer the information in the form of advice so the person feels that you’re simply giving them another way to look at a situation.  I once had a friend whose father was getting ready to pass away. My friend knew his father’s death was near and he said he was planning to go see his father on the weekend. I had a psychic premonition that his father was not going to make it until the weekend. Rather than tell him this, I suggested that he might want to go earlier to visit with his father if it was at all possible. He heeded my advice and visited his father on Thursday. He got there that afternoon and spent time with his father before his father died that very night.

Unless you regularly speak with someone about psychic predictions (or you trade readings with friends — which is a fun way to increase your psychic ability) it’s probably best not to simply tell someone you had a psychic prediction about them. Some people could become freaked out by that thought, while others could mistakenly make a decision based on your psychic prediction, which really isn’t the goal at all.

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