Should you use a used Tarot deck?

love-tarotIf you regularly work with Tarot cards or you want to start learning how to use Tarot cards, it’s important to choose a Tarot card deck that vibes with you. So what if someone offers to give you their deck of Tarot cards? Or what if someone who read Tarot cards passed away and you can have access to their cards? Should you use that used deck?

There is no general rule about whether it’s prudent to do Tarot card readings with a used deck. In fact, some people believe that the Tarot card deck of a Tarot card reader may give you more accurate readings because the energy of the psychic who used them last is infused with the cards.

If you feel particularly drawn to a used Tarot card deck, pay attention to that feeling. One of the best ways to choose a Tarot card deck is to see whether your energy is drawn to it. That same piece of advice applies whether you are considering a new Tarot card deck or a used Tarot card deck.

If you feel any negativity or any kind of hesitation about using a particular deck, it goes without saying that you should heed your intuition and stay away.

So what if you feel drawn to the deck? Are there any precautions you should take before using a used Tarot card deck? Just as in cases in which you wear used clothes, you could be picking up on the energy of former users whenever you do a Tarot card reading. While that might help you in some cases, it could be less helpful in others. For example, what if the person who last used those Tarot cards had a block whenever they did Tarot card readings about love. You may find that you start to have difficulty giving accurate readings about love.

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One thing you can do is perform some type of cleansing ritual. Since another person or other people will have touched the deck, their energy will be infused with the deck. You want to make the deck your own. There are a number of cleansing rituals you can do. (You can also perform a cleansing ritual before working with a new Tarot card deck.)

You can allow the smoke of burning sage to waft over the cards.

You can go through the deck one card at a time and visualize that card being cleansed of energy that does not belong to you.

You can  store your deck with a crystal that strongly resonates with you.

You can also create your own ritual. Intention is everything, and as you set the intention to cleanse the cards and follow through with the action that you believe will do so, you will ensure that the cards resonate with the energy that is right for you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.